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  1. So we all know the story of God creating the earth in 7 days. I hope anyway.

    Well i remember a joke I heard awhile ago. A man goes to heaven and asks God whats a million dollars to him, He says a penny. He then asks God whats a million years to him, to which He replies 1 second.

    Now here is the question, do you think it's possible for the Earth being created in 7 days thing, actually meaning 7 million years? I rationalize this due to the idea that an Omnipotent being's perception of time would be so drastically different from ours, that we would have no way of understanding what was originally meant. And that 7 days was meant to show us a better scale for understanding purposes.

    Could this be false? I'd speculate a God would allow for some compression as to allow the beings he created a better grasp of concept.

    I also think it's entirely possible that science is God's way of showing us how his workings work. Like science is literally Him saying, this happens because of this. And while some may say it's a miracle, it's actually just his way of showing us how things actually work. Like humans were meant to learn about science to understand more what God meant for us, and to become closer to him, from understanding how everything works.
  2. I definitely believe that's possible. I've been reading some theories about how time and space could be perceived on a different demension by God which is how he is omnipotent, he sees any part of time anywhere and can bend it as he sees fit. Jus a theory but a cool one.
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  3. just a story man.
  4. Coming from an atheist point of view.. why a billion years for one day? You said that we would have no way of understanding what was originally meant, so why a billion years per day? Why not 2 billion? Cause that'd line up with the scientific view of the universe being almost 14 billion years old. Why not 926 days? Why not one cycle of life and death of the universe per day of God's?

    I remember seeing something about you battling some personal demons and finding God to help you through it.. so I'm not trying to knock your belief, but the bible is full of metaphors written by man. No one in the past spoke to God any more or less than present day people.. they just wrote down what they believed/hoped to be true. God didn't tell them a damn thing.. they just based their belief off of things they knew, and one of those things was that a week is 7 days. Why they picked a week.. no one knows, but they could of just as likely picked a month or a year. My best guess is that a week was the smallest increment to have people celebrate God more often. If they picked a month, people would have celebrated God once a month.. if they picked a year, once a year.
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  5. Great story I like it.
  6. My Bible is my guide book and instruction manual and "whatever I need to know about this life" reference guide. It tells me that God created the earth in 7 days. I feel almost assuredly that if he had created it in a 6 months or 6 years or 600 years, he would've told us so in the Bible. Is it so unbelievable that a being who could create life itself could create the planet that that life will live on in 7 days? I think not. So...I'm going for the 7 day model myself. And to those who think it's "just a story," my heart goes out to you. If you don't have Jesus in your heart, then you carry satan with's one or the other. If you're not with God, you're with or "for" Satan, plain and simple. To those who truly believe there is no God, I suggest you spend some real time seriously trying to disprove his existence. You can't do it. There is concrete evidence that He was real, He came to earth and died for our since and then rose again the third day.....remember Easter? Those guys were excellent record keepers way back when... It ain't about eggs for sure. Jesus is real and he loves absolutely every one of us the same. And there is NOTHING like having the peace that salvation brings to your life. Fight it if you want. But if you do, YOU are the loser. Not those of us who believe and give credit to the creator!! We've got better things coming and I don't believe it's going to be very long at all before He proves himself to all the world. I'm greatly looking forward to that day. TWW
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  7. Concrete evidence comes in an historical/archeological form. These forms of evidence do not support religious scripture.

    Please provide the concrete evidence that supports the existence of the purported "Jesus Christ".

    And as a side note, why do you suppose that the particular religious doctrine that you prescribe to is any more/less relevant than those that exist along side it? You are a product of social construct. It's called indoctrination...

    Contemplating the idea of God is one thing (which I support as an agnostic), but "blind faith" is what separates humanity as a whole...

    Religion is poison.
  8. I think mass religion is an issue, not necessarily someone's personal beleifes.

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  9. Amen!!! God is real and He loves us all so much.
  10. Have not your own "personal beliefs" been dictated by "mass religion"?

    It would most certainly seem so, judging by the content of the your first post... :confused_2:
  11. You could say that, but I don't categorize myself with other people who follow the bible. Nor do I agree with everything it says. What I mean is going to church trying to spread faith and everything. Beleife is with you and who ever you worship, you have no grounds for saying some people will burn for not believing or that you know for a fact you'll go to heaven or what not. What I mean is, I don't agree with how people go about with their believes and that's what I meant with mass religion and personal. I don't go to church, I don't tell people their gonna burn and don't like people who do so.

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  12. hey, makes sense to me. It seems like a bunch of stuff in the bible was edited to fit our level of understanding.

    I've had a thought that also if God created the universe, couldn't he also create all the past prior to the present required for the current state of the universe to exist as it does physically? I.e., time doesn't mean shit to the almighty. The only thing dynamic from his perspective would be the subjective, vicarious experience of it through those that experience the universe in a linear fashion, or something.
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  13. For your evidence on the existence of Jesus there is evidence the Romans were brilliant for their time and dos keep track of criminal records it does say that P. Pilot sent J. Christ for crucifixion and his cross which they hung many criminals to death read in Latin "king of the Jews" the opinionated part is whether J. Christ was the "messiah" or just a man who claimed he was like some mentally ill people today do.

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  14. Source?
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  15. Time doesn't exist to the Most High or the hosts oh heavens only on earth and to us physical beings does time exist, and it is not a man made construct.

    Jesus is a fan fiction as is the entire christian religion which has nothing to do with the bible

    He doesn't love everyone, it's in the scriptures.
  16. Depends which god in the Bible you are referring to.

  17. Time doesn't exist to the " most high " ?

    You really expect people to take you seriously ?

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  18. I would defend that premise actually.

    If the 'most high' refers to the creator, then it would only make sense that the orignator of the finite temporal realm would not be limited by its resultant effect.

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  19. Oh, you would defend it, would you ?

    Not to be rude, but I doubt you could even name the verse that gives the command on how to keep the seasons, or what it says to use

    It forms the basis of the entire Jewish calendar

    Which itself dates back to Babylon and Mesopotamian metrology

    Is metrology in Mesopotamia something you study ?

    It's my forte, actually, along with Mesopotamian languages and mathematical astronomy
  20. There's only one Alahym in the Bible all the gods of the nation's are simply false idols:

    For all the gods of the people are idols: but YAHUAH made the heavens [1 Chronicles 16:26]

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