interesting song meanings (pete & pete) (nostalgia)

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  1. what makes this song interesting is that it is about a girl named Sandy Scheuer,
    a college student who was shot by the US National Guard during the Kent State riot of 1970.

    Apparently, she was shot through the throat with an M-1 rifle from a distance of 130 yards (119 m) while walking between classes and died within five or six minutes from loss of blood. (fukked up).
    They might use tasers and sh*t today, but they actually opened fire back then :eek:

    here it is (nostalgia). The guitar is so badass.

    [ame=]Pete & Pete intro - YouTube[/ame]

    these are the lyrics which will give you a better idea.

    "Hey smilin strange,
    you're lookin happily deranged.
    can you settle to shoot me?
    or have you picked your target yet?
    Hey Sandy,
    Don't you talk back, (this line may be "does your dog bite?")
    Hey Sandy.
    Five feet away,
    The end of speech, it's the end of the day.
    We was only funnin',
    but guiltily i thought you had it comin,
    Hey Sandy.
    Does your dog bite?
    Hey Sandy".

    This is the full version of the song. starts at :27.

    [ame=]Polaris - Hey Sandy - YouTube[/ame]

    that part at the end when he goes "Hey Sandyyyyyyyayyyyyyyyyy" makes me wanna cry :cry:
  2. man i remember learning about all this in highschool.

    the way this country is going i wouldn't be surprised if this kind of stuff starts happening again.
  3. i know man, can you believe that they actually used real bullets back then?
    and we complain about getting tazed nowadays.....thats crazy.
    but i agree with you, i wouldn't be surprised either.
  4. Yeah for realll. Ill take getting tazed over getting shot 10/10 times.
    Hope it doesnt revert back, seems like our govt doesnt wanna be fucked with though.

    Man I remember watching this when I was young, Crazzy I had no idea its intro was actually about something.
  5. i know! i couldnt even understand the lyrics and thought it was just mumble jumble.
    i like the "aye yie yie". its an expression that perfectly suits the situation that happened with Sandy.
    when i think about it the whole situation, i just wanna say "aye yie yie".
  6. Wow this song brings back memories. When I was young though I had no idea what it referenced.

  7. Yeah, kinda knocked my cool nostalgia wave wayy off. Its pretty sad. Im gonna go off into the internet and read a lil more about all of this.

    Didn't know the national guard actually did anything either, Im surprised some deranged marine or something didnt do it:eek:
  8. me neither, they say "Hey Sandy" but i thought they said "Yes indeed"

    yea it is very interesting, i researched the whole thing as well and listened to the full song hundreds of times, literally. i had it on repeat because not only is the music itself great, but the meaning is kind of shocking and adds so much depth to the track.
  9. love that song

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