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Interesting Situation

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Drivefastr, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. I just moved in to school a couple of weeks ago and one of the kids in my dorm is a pretty big pothead from upstate NY. Anyway this kid tripped acid for the 3 1/2 days he was here and has been gettin a quarter a day from a friend of mine. Last night i was talking to him and he said if we went up to upstate NY (his home) he could get me $1600 / lbs of NY sour diesel. Now i have no interest in selling here at college, just not something i want to do but this is an interesting oppurtunity to buy a lb, freeze it in oz bags and have amazing bud to smoke all year. I have a friend i trust off campus to keep it so there is no risk from that. The thing that is sketching me out is the price, and my unfamiliarity with the area. Im worried that i'm gonna go up there and he is going to set me up to get robbed.

    What would you guys do?

  2. buy it! just be careful with your money. don't give it away unless you see the bud
  3. if you get it, you better really trust who ever your gonna have store $1600 worth of bud at there fact i'll volunteer to hang on to that for ya!!!:hello:

  4. I'm not worried about that aspect, this is a friend from back home that i would trust with my life.
  5. i'd just make sure to see the bud and weigh it before you give them the money thats a lot to get ripped off for
  6. sketch,

    let me ask you this,

    is it to good to be true? if it is then it no go

    i have no idea what a pound goes for, but if the deal sounds redicoulsly good then dont do it.

    if its a pretty good deal, with both sides benifiting, then its probably cool.

    just becareful man, hope it works out
  7. pounds for that cheap of dank always make me question

    i would personally bring some people who would make sure you aint gonna be robbed

    also how trustable is your roommate, does he seem sketched out...

    NEVER EVER EVER, and i cant stress this enough, especially with that much dough involved, give money before product

    when id buy an lb a month id also look for a good deal, and that rule got me through alot of bad spots...

    if its legit and your feeling good vibes about it, go get it and roll up a fatty fat fat...i love it when the sour D comes out here...soon again too all the NYU kids come back for the weekends to make moneys, cant wait...:cool:
  8. Its possible he knows a grower, and his making himself a deal. but go for it.
  9. maybe the guy is best kind but who knows. If I were you, I wouldnt go alone thats for sure. Maybe bring a buddy or two along for the ride if possible.

    Keep those wits about you
  10. That sounds pretty sketchy. I know a grower in cali that sells to clubs for 2000/lb for Sour diesel, so that sounds to good to be true to me.
  11. ask if some buddys can come to, it means he might say no, but if he dose say no it might mean hess gonna jak you so ask him and no = no.

  12. you'll get robbed most likely, like the guy said above if it's too good to be true then it is, especially when it comes to drugs. and i would never keep a pound in my friend's freezer, but maybe some people trust their friends more than I do.
  13. Dude, if he lives with you he's not going to rob you. Think about it. If he robs you, YOU LIVE WITH HIM. Just beat his ass with a baseball bat and steal all his shit. If you live in a dorm with someone you can make their life HELL very very very easily. If he crosses you you'll cross him 3X harder.

    I'd do it.

    In fact, the more I think about it, go ahead and try to do it. I have a good feeling that he won't come through. Sounds like your typical annoying ass bullshitter to me.
  14. there's a good chance this guy will bring you to somebody who will rob you and play it off like he had nothing to do with it, it's happened to me before. you don't buy pounds from strangers. like we said, if it's too good to be true then it is. if there's anything i learned through experience it's that. trust nobody and you will come out on top ;)
  15. Wrong thread, sorry.
  16. 1600 is way to cheap to be a reliable lb hookup, sorry

  17. That is what i'm afraid of, i know a few people that play that game. If it was anyone else i wouldn't even consider this deal but this guy seems pretty trustworthy, he deffinitely has hookups because he brought a vial of acid down here and thats not the easiest thing to acquire normally and he lives in my dorm. Everything about the guy is good vibes but the price itself is just giving me horrible vibes, i mean its great, but too cheap.
  18. You are going to get very sick of smoking the same weed.

    Smoking the same bud for a week makes me kind of sick of've got to be able to switch it up.

    I'd say buy the lb...but have a few friends throw in on the deal, so you can get like a qp or something.
  19. Its like 1100 for a lb of nice mids. 1600 for a lb of sour d? nah
  20. get to know him better and see how he treats people he sells too. if you think hes fair and decent guy then go for it but if hes sketch dont mess with it. its not worth it to get in trouble and get kicked out or something.

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