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interesting shit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Naes, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Do you ever feel like when your stoned, that you can totally understand some things? Like you remember things in your past that you kinda got or understood and when your sitting there doing nothing, blazed off your ass your just like..... that makes sense now.

    Its not just that theres more, like reality. Its like human beings who we are and what we are and society how it all works. Idk man my shits probably laced fk haha:smoke:

    Some times i feel like i could write an amazing book, but i wont cuz im waaaayyy to fucking lazy.
  2. the first part kinda made sense but then you lost me haha
  3. I dont even fucking know. It makes sense when your high as Mt. Everest. But it doesnt make sense in a stupid way, it actually all makes legitement sense, when your stoned you can relate to it thats why it makes sense. < you see that shit wtf?

    Idk if like thc makes you believe your right about things or even understanding some things. But i think its really made me open my eyes and understand things i never have before. in a different way to. Like i can think about things really deeply.
  4. #4 Naes, Nov 15, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 15, 2011
    im just having one of those moments if you know what i mean >.>
    Just spilling out thoughts.

    i think people get lost in these forums cuz there stoned as fuck
    reading some of this shit can get hella confusing.
  5. god damnet, i keep going to youtube to search up something, but i keep getting distracted by turboed hondas lol. yeah stfu i smoke the green might as well go green right?any way now i forgot what i was going to look up...
  6. Dang Dude, you must be pretty baked, I get that way sometimes Ill just forget my complete train of though, start a new one, and then my forgotten train of though will just pop up out of nowhere =P

    Good vibes.
  7. #8 Naes, Nov 15, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 15, 2011
    Yea i got a new dealer, she grows for pharmacy's or w/e, i dont even know. but its like really good medical shit. Its been fucking me up pretty good :smoke: :bongin: i love it tho its great, PERFECT. like you feel good you dont get dry mouth or freak outs or chest throbs, its just chill good illusions, really trippy shit and relaxing like it should be. oh my bong broke, let me get a pic of what im using for now, its legit as fuck haha, sorry for my potty mouth
  8. ok, this is my shit, it works fucking great [​IMG]
    i have like other tops for the pill bottle, you can turn it into a mini water bong and a bunch of other crap haha.
  9. Yeah man, I just always thought that was a normal effect of being high. At least it's always like that for me when blazing.
  10. That's a fantastic home contraption if I may say so.:smoke:
  11. I totally know what you mean. It's like, weed turns on that valve that's been filtering things our whole lives. Does that make sense??
  12. yeah man for surrre.
    I hate how when you get that blazed you look so dumb and like your being controlled by something. i get that hella bad and i hate it, i dont have the correct face substructure to make it look good haha:smoke:
  13. Thanks, i went threw so many pill bottles to get it perfect. its perfect tho, i have a samsung phone box, you open it and theres a tab box thing, you move it up theres papers and shit for the phone. but really underneath is a bunch of weed, and home made crack pipes. who would even go that far looking into it anyway, oh and if im to high to make sense just say pinapple and i will just stop posting:hippie:
  14. Nah I got you Dude, Me and friend of mine made a triple bubbler face mask from some pill bottles and some surgical tubing. Hits smoother than anything I've bought. =D
  15. Yo dude, you sound like your crazy, but i know exactly what your talking about man. Same exact shit. Like the weed is triggering a memory receptor or something. Just a wave of nostalgia some times too.
  16. Some times it gets hella confusing to and then your like damn i dont get anything and then you feel like a dumbass haha

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