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    I confess I was actually excited about something for the first time in who knows how long, some chick in a class of mine (lets call her S) asked me if I could get her brother a certain species of mushroom which suprised me because I usually keep my vices on the down low around the center of education, I oblighed and gave her my number and told her brother to call me because I used to know the guy a year or two back and I had a few numbers that might help him out. She called me the next day just to tell me her brother didn't need them anymore and invited me to go hang out with some friends but I had some stuff to attend to so I politely rejected her.

    Was going to the movies with her today and me and I brought along a mutual friend of ours Sam. Got blazed a few hours before and ended up spending an hour getting ready because I just got off a short t-break/dank but I managed to get there and I got blown off but I had fun anyways I was still high enough to consider incedious a comedy. Sam drove me home and my neighbor was piss drunk and started scolding me for going on a date with fat chick which ended up with me in tears laughing (ex marine, christan, sorta caught me off guard) lol :laughing: so I went inside, got blazed and downloaded CA to play with a friend.

    Got a message on FB from her apoligizing and her reasons for not being able to attend were more then more then justified and offered to smoke me and some friends up and go to a shitty carnival/fair type thing.

    I understand i'm going to get plenty of "cool storie bro's" out of this and I welcome it but a female of this caliber is something worth sharing in my book.

    I also confess that this was originally going to be on but I spent around 1-3 hours working on this because i've gotten about four hours of sleep the past few days so I think this belongs in RLS, this forum is addictive :smoke:

  2. What is this, I don't even.
  3. Wait.. I get it..

    No, I think I'm just high. :hippie:
  4. Wat?????....
  5. let me summarize for the confused blades out there

    OP meets chick because her brother wants fungus that OP can get for the brother.
    Chick calls saying her brother no longer needs shrooms, but invites OP to come chill with her. This excites him as she possesses a vagina. OP can't hang out, but the next day is supposed to meet her at the movies. OP gets baked with a friend, but the girl is a no show. Girl calls next with acceptable reason for her absence from movie.
  6. So...some chick asks you for a shroom hook for her bro (but really just wants them for herself)
    Then she asks you to come hangout but you were to "busy" to go hangout...
    So you guys arrange a date to a movie, but she stood you up because you stood her up...

    Now she's either playing you and wont go to the carnival, or she really will go to the carnival and her reasons for standing you up were BS and just wanted to see if you really were into her enough to actually call her back..

    Followup is necessary.
  7. Sounds like an everyday occurrence to me.

    Where's the discussion in this?
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    I forgot to mention... She's really, really hot. Short, brunnete, quite perfect tits and a great personality (90% of that is her offering to smoke me down)... Little bit out of my league lol

    Followup will come if I can get a normal 8 hours like everyone else lol.. But this forum is full of posts that are written horribly and almost have no story or even worse they had a good story and completely fu**** it on the writing part
  9. Get your d wet, bro.
  10. Very true.

    So is this.
  11. i thought you said she was a fat chick?
  12. The friend I ended up going with is of the larger sorts, and when she dropped me off my neighbor assumed I was dating her, saw him today and he didn't even bring it up :D
  13. Update: A buddy of mine fell off his bike a week ago going down a local hill at 20-30mph and to state gently his face is FUCKED up, one half is fine but the other half is covered with scabs/cuts as well as a black eye and a few unset teeth so i'm worried some Freshmen is going to attempt to get "presh" or some shit with his buddies and say something about to him and he's a big lovable blob of brown muscle with an attitude problem so i'm worried some asshole's face is going to match his if Brian gets pushed to far. Our bio teacher knew about it because its an excuesed absense and asked us all sign a piece of paper saying something nice, everyone was really cool about it but I had the perfect girl two feet away from me I had to throw my own twist into it :cool:

    I observed the piece of paper in front of me and saw a barage of "we miss you's!" and "no-one is even going to notice cholo's" all over the paper and decided he needed something bright and happy, and then it came to me a RAINBOW!, not just any rainbow.. A rasta rainbow (RYG BIV) with a big pot of buds at the end getting railed by unicorn (the unicorn part was a joint decision bewtween me and S, pun intended) Now due to my artistic ability I required help if I was ever going to create such a masterpiece so I threw my ass in a seat next to S and did my "thing" whether it was making some hand contact while switching up pencils, shining my pearly whites (really an unfamiliar concept lately) or hiding my frustration with a forgiving tone while she continued to appoligize for blowing me off.

    Alas the rainbow was nearly complete and as I went to give my partner in crime a high-five and it ended up turning into a big ball of nervous hand holding to which I replied "How am I going to draw the dick on the unicorn if your all over my writing hand?" with a sly smile, she burst out into laughter while my acquaintances on the other side of the table extended a confused yet approving face, my methods of flirting may be strange but they work goddamnit :hello:

    I'm sorry for such a long post but after all of this its still not perfectly clear this girl is into me from my friends observation of the whole thing. Also i've noticed a lot of low quality posts lately in RLS so I decided to throw my story into the mix in an attempt to even things out. I'm sure they'll be more to this tale as time progresses so feel free to sub

    Much needed td/lr best friend/smoking buddie fell off his bike, get well card gets passed to me, sit next to S and throw down my best attempt to flirt with her, ends up in laughter = winning?
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    Should I keep wasting my time posting updates and such? this keeps getting better and better but I would like to know if all of this writing is even worth my time I want to at least know someone appreciates it.. Appearently she wants to re-try herb with edibles and she wants me to get HER shrooms...
  15. Im readinh it bro keep postin
  16. i read this whole thread. you can't just stop updating.

    keep on updating
  17. Haha ok let me go try and find some dank with a buddy and i'll post the latest (i've been stupid stoned everytime i've updated it i'm trying to keep it that way)
  18. Haha ok let me go try and find some dank with a buddy and i'll post the latest (i've been stupid stoned everytime i've updated it i'm trying to keep it that way)
    Update: Today was a usual day like any other... Emerged from my slumber and toasted a nice fat bowl and ended up being a good fifteen minutes late but I think they can do without :smoke:. Went to a required P.E class and the fun began. I'm 130lbs 6,0 and someone decided it would be a good idea for me to play someone 180lbs 6,3... I played hard but at the end I was drenched in sweat :D

    Dried my hair off, got me some deodorant and off I went to class, started flirting like no other, then we ended up making some stupid ass bet (me and a few buddies bet money on test scores and shit for $5 a piece or so) with two options... I win and we go blaze/hangover II or she wins and I have an option of things to pick from but the highlight of them all has to be me, her and her bro all trying a certain kind of fungus and going to a formal/prom sorta thing. I'm still a little dumbfounded by all of this but let me see if I can figure out how to download photos..
  19. so the bets a win win for you pretty much?

  20. Its starting to look that way i'm pretty sure a firecracker might seal the deal :smoke:

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