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  1. That would be cool to see some studies of different cities done.
  2. "Statistics about drug use are notoriously inaccurate, given that drug users don't generally like to fill out surveys."

    Don't know why that struck me as so friggin' funny... but I'm still laughing!! :D :cool:
  3. I also thought that to be hilarious, except I'm not still laughing, but it was great. Oh yeah Ars, I also enjoyed your comment on Paris Hilton's input. This thread is a bundle of joy! :eek:

    But yeah, I think it's interesting that they will be able to see which areas have more drug users than others. Even though they can't do anything about it. :)

  4. You watch... they'll start covertly installing filters in everyone's toilet drain to catch the expelled drugs and bust the drug users. They'll categorize it as 'garbage' because if it's garbage, then it's not an invasion of privacy. :eek: :cool:
  5. Stop giving them ideas!


    Italians sure like the blow.
  6. ironically I just did a line before I read that lol and yes I'm Italian

    edit - uh who wants to give 'her' one? just wondering cuz I have no fuckin' clue wtf it means

  7. :confused: :eek: :smoking: :cool:

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