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  1. So I got a tattoo a couple weeks ago (compass rose, can post a pic if ya'll want) and in the process, the artist kept saying "man, I have never tattooed somebody who has bled such a tiny amount" he showed me the cloth he was wiping with and he wasn't kidding, like no blood.

    So I pay, and go on with my life. I show everybody my new tattoo and mention that I had bled so little, and one of my friends said that's because of all the weed you smoke. Is there any truth behind that? I know that sounds kinda stupid to hear but, comments/ opinions?

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 friend is full of shit.
  3. Post a pic OP. And where did you get this ink put at on your body?
  4. Well when you are high, your veins open up.
    And your blood pressure drops too.
    But while sober, and getting a tattoo, don't see how inactive metabolites would affect your shit.

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  5. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392229921.466617.jpg

    That's on my right calf.

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    Well since he didn't even shave it I'm gonna guess he also didn't put a lot of pressure really driving the ink in. But the skin over some of your muscle groups is thicker. Delts, Calfs, Quads and Traps...
    Keep A&D ointment on it...and after a few days when it has healed some go over it with a washcloth. Not hard...but you want to get those hair follicles out from where they were driven in by the needles. And you want to do it before it heals or it can cause and infection and at the least irritation. Don't shave it yourself.
  7. nahh that ain't true i smoke mad weed and my hands bled like crazy idk about my arm cuz i wasnt watching him do it but my hands bled a lot lol

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  8. Alcohol will thin your blood and make you bleed more....
    Whoever told you the pot made you bleed less... was likely just making a guess... (assumption)
  9. Cigarettes thicken blood, do you smoke?

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  10. Bad wording on my part, shouldn't have said weeks, more like 2 months. My hair grows fast haha. He did shave I though and it's completely healed. Thanks for the info though dude cause I will be getting another one!

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  11. No I do not smoke cigarettes, but I do use oral tobacco so that could be it.

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  12. Good thing....then, no. It's just thicker skin across the calf muscle. I didn't bleed at all when I had my shoulder tat. My calf barely bled until he got around to the side and over the shin bone...(that hurt)...But my neck bled like I had been drinking.
  13. Some people just bleed less with ink. I'm one of em. Then again I think it has a lot to do w the artist and placement of tat. Sometimes a heavy hand will make you strait leak. Never heard smokin thickening the blood. Just don't drink before inkin.
  14. Depends. Like other people said it could be the placement and how big it was. The slow loris i got on my thigh bled like a bitch after 2 hours of continous tatting. But all my other tats have been little to no bleeding.

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  15. Maybe you're just a man

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