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  1. I challenged myself to not fap for about 2 weeks and I was able to to do it...kind've. I edged alot and blew my load during 2 wet dreams, so I can't really say for sure if it really changed anything.
    But I'm doing the August challenge and I'm trying to go for a whole month without fapping. No edging, no nude images, nada. Though the wet dreams really got me though. I felt so depressed for some reason after my last one. And it really sucks cause there's nothing we can do it about it...
  2. im a recovering addict myself
  3. 2 hours into my 3 week break :D
  4. Ever wonder the point in tweaking our brains back to "optimal conditions" while seemingly gleaming over the fact that certain changes within the very fabric of society drove the majority in certain negative directions in the first place? (and yes, I'm speaking in general, I haven't heard the biological/chemical side likely explained in the video)

    Or perhaps this is all just my hormones talking, trying to convince my brain that daily masturbation is just plain fun... :D

  5. So it's a societal problem?

    Isn't that still a reason not to choke the chicken or watch porn everyday?

  6. I have no clue what you're trying to get at. Maybe I'm just too stoned.

    We should definitely be seeking to turn back the negative directions that greater society has forced upon us.

    Western culture is so oversexed it's sickening, in my opinion of course. There's barely anything on TV that you can sit down and feel comfortable watching with your younger siblings or your kids anymore. Every PG-13/R movie you see feels the need to add a sex scene in, when it adds nothing to the story whatsoever.

    Sex sells, and we can see the widespread results of the oversexed society we live in.

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