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  1. I came about this article when I was trying to find out if dopamine levels drop when you ejaculate, seeing how every time I do ejaculate I feel a little less happy then I did before I actually ejaculated. In fact, I feel a little crappy for the rest of the day. So I looked up "does masturbating lower dopamine level" and I came across this and it was really interesting. I hope you folks read it, it was a real page clicker? I don't know, check it out!

    Was the Cowardly Lion Just Masturbating Too Much? | Psychology Today
  2. I've posted a TED video about this topic several times and everybody refuses to watch it haha.

    Nobody wants to hear that their everyday/multiple-times-a-day jerk off habit is detrimental.
  3. I agree with this article. I feel this is the same that happens if you smoke too frequently as well. The combination makes for a very socially awkward person. I notice when I take breaks from either I get more confident and am happier.
  4. HAHA, yeah, I can understand that too, but it's backed up with facts. And I have personally notice the positive effects of not masturbating; it's pretty sweet!

    I know! It's weird! I think I'm going to quit masturbating for a year and see where it takes me.
  5. Agreed.

    I feel like 3 or 4 days between doing it is long enough.

    Every day is definitely not for me.
  6. Wow really.. I masturbate almost daily and I feel fine before and after..
  7. [quote name='"MrHighFlyer"']Wow really.. I masturbate almost daily and I feel fine before and after..[/quote]

    Probably because you've been jerking off like that since your early teens.

    Stop cold turkey for a week and pay attention to your body. The difference is really quite huge.
  8. sounds like bunk to me.

    by that logic, having sex everyday is also bad for you.

    oh its psychology today is it? well thats reputable at least.

    you didn't mention the porn addiction part of it. thats a different story. I'll give it a read.
  9. When I went backpacking I had to stop jacking it frequently due to dorm rooms, within a few weeks of almost no jacking off I was a different person. I was more confident, happier and generally the life of the party. Now that i'm back home I dont have the same energy and to be honest jacking off could have something to do with it.

    Imma stop for a few weeks and get back to you. For science!

  10. interesting.

    so we're back to people feeling guilty about masturbating?

    this is ludicrous. my mind blown.

  11. Guilt has nothing to do with it. Read the article. Go watch the video on TED about the neurochemical changes that occur when somebody watches porn and jerks off too much.

    There are observable changes that occur in the brain, which translate to real world issues, and we're seeing those issues skyrocket across the world because of how easy it is (free) to get porn nowadays.

    Nobody is saying "masturbating is bad! Don't ever do it again!" People ARE saying that there is absolutely no reason to do it every day, though.
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    interesting, I'll give it a shot.

    what does this mean for sex though? Ahh, I see. It says clearly that sex is different.

    very, very interesting. thank you very much, weednotcrack.

    just to make sure. they're not advocating celibacy right? just no porn and less masturbation?
  13. Well it seems like most people partake in nofap challenges to get laid, more specifically build enough confidence to approach. So by the time you get your hands on sex it wouldn't really matter anymore whether you ejaculate or not..
  14. lets consider this day 1, haha. shooting for a week at first.

  15. No man, definitely not advocating celibacy haha. The health benefits of masturbation are well established, especially for men. Doing it all the time is overkill, though.

    Sex causes vastly different chemical changes in the brain than masturbation. Masturbation with porn causes vastly different chemical changes than masturbation with your own thoughts. It's really pretty interesting.

    Porn is definitely not healthy, at all. It's cool to masturbate once or twice a week, and have sex daily if that's available to you. It's just all about getting your brain back to optimal conditions for all around health.

  16. really interesting stuff. makes sense. can't wait to see what happens.
  17. I'm with ya man. :smoke:
  18. I'm down to try abstaining from my usual "routine" for a week or two. I'd like to see if it'll change some part of me that's been dormant since my early high school years.

  19. I know what you mean.
  20. I've reallyyy cut back on the porn. It just gets soo fucking old and nothing really turns me on. I haven't seen "everything" but I've seen about 90% of it. I stopped for like 2 weeks and I felt a little happier I guess. But I didn't exclusively jack it to porn though.

    Since then I try to only masturbate without any material. I last much longer and overall it feels better. And the time between "sessions" is much longer. Sometimes I go up to a week without doing it and I don't even realize it's been that long. When I was looking at porn all the time I felt like I HAD to do it every day.

    Sometimes I feel like I can't do it unless I use porn. It isn't a lot but yesterday was one of those days. I hadn't done it for like a week or so, so I looked up some porn. Blew a huge load and felt much better.

    Although this might be TMI, I bust a huge nut when I only use my imagination. Like 3x as much. It's insane lol. It kind of sucks though because clean up is a bitch :laughing:

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