Interesting question about regenerating plants.

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  1. I have an Alien OG plant that I want to regenerate just for fun. It was grown indoors so I was wondering if I were to re-veg the plant for for a few weeks on 20/4 and then put it with my outside crop would it begin to flower before the others? The light cycle in my area for the next 3 months would be around 12/12 and go on to 14/10 so this is why I think it would work.
  2. I've heard of it being done, i don't see why you couldn't.
  3. I ended up doing that to a plant of mine a couple years ago. I had just finished an indoor grow at outdoor planting time, so thought what the heck I'll throw this baby outside and see what it does.

    One thing that was pretty funny is that you get some funky looking growth as it's transitioning to veg from flower. I had some single lobe leaves that were almost a foot long. It took some time to trasition to vegging but after it did it got quite large and produced a good harvest outside.
  4. I've read about this ^ happening. But I'm thinking with a nice stablized root system it should reveg into a monster right?
  5. Oh cool, so would it flower if I kept it on 24/0 and then brought outside to May(13/11) - (June 14/10) or should I just clone it and grow inside? This stuff is really good
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    Evergreens If you do ^^ take it out in May it will flower going from 24 hour light. Now if you clone it then put clone outside. You would need to match up the indoor light with the outdoor light before putting outside. Or you could put outside and use supplemental lighting until the end of June. Then they will continue to veg July and flower. good luck
  7. I've revegged a few plants and never had good luck with it. I kept a couple plants from last season under 24/0 light ALL WINTER. They had a good amount of new growth and I put them out to flower, just like you mentioned in your post. It took them forever to start showing signs of flowering and one turned hermie from the stress. The previous time I revegged a plant it was a tiny harvest. IMO its not worth the time and space. But it's a fun experiment to do once just so you know for yourself.
  8. i had some skunk plants that wouldn't give more than a lollipop bud under lights. they were not finished when the rest of the plants were done. istuck them outside in late march{} and let them finish. i just cut the top bud for some reason. and forgot about them . by may they went crazy. ended up nearly 1lb. plants . looked likesage brush in shape. had some other plants over the years regenerate. never again like that.
  9. It can work. Try trimming the roots a little bit, and transplant into a larger container with fresh soil.

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