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  1. So last night, my friend [lets call him Andrew], he got me drunk for the first time. .. i dont think i was insanely drunk, but i was drunk enough to not really remember anything... except me falling off a log and pissing blood on a tree..... anyway, so it was weird because i think Andrew got annoyed with me for some reason.. [i think i was begging him for weed... or maybe just more alcohol....] but it was weird, because the next thing i remember is me getting mad at him and walking away.. and then waking up on the side of the road with an elderly couple all over me asking me whats wrong.. it was soooo weird. And i felt like i was gonna puke.. and all i wanted to do was sleep. Next thing i know the one dude is on the phone saying the street we were on, and it clicked in my brain that maybe he was calling the cops or an ambulance or something. So i made a run for it, shouting Andrews name.. and then i think i went home and slept... then i had to go to my dance class and i tripped and my hands went on these girls breasts... hahah. i think they know i'm lesbian now.. or something.:confused:
  2. uh. so you got too drunk and somehow outed yourself?
  3. I'm pretty sure pissing blood is a bad sign of something wrong. I would probably see a doctor and get that checked out.
  4. just on question, if your a girl how do you piss blood onto a tree....maybe this only makes sense to me haha

    awkward post?
  5. haha thinking the same

    well im not really thinking of anything:smoking:

  6. Lol! pro
  7. thats pretty fucking funny. except the pissing blood part. tmi. but sounds like you had a very interesting night and morning.

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