Interesting new pipe(Two bowls, ones fake)

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  1. Hello GC,
    So last night i took a trip to one of my local smokeshops and found this fun little pipe. It looks like it has two bowls, but one is fake! Haha It looks to me like whoever made it started with a tiny spoon and then decided to make it more of a sherlock shape by adding a bigger bowl, and then covering the little hole in the first bowl. It rips great and has a huge bowl. Let me know what you think, or if youve seen anything like it.

    P.S. The marbles have little blue mushrooms in them!:smoke:

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  2. Maybe the little bowl is to hold your weed ?
  3. haha interesting piece.
  4. That's a trip, reminds me of a space caterpillar or something. Those marbles are way too dope, especially the one to the right of the top bowl. Nice pickup man.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Its starting to change color very nicely. Cant wait to see it in a few weeks!:D

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