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    The highlighted part will be the most interesting...
    Growing plants in soil has become a very popular way of growing, especially with all the good organic products available. It's simple, effective and although you may not quite reach the same yields as you would with a good recirculating hydroponic system, the yields are good and the taste and quality are excellent.
    If you are thinking of trying your hand at soil growing, your first choice will be whether to mix your own compost or buy a specifically blended 'off the shelf' version. Both options can give great results  it really comes down to personal preference and whether you think you can come up with a better blend than the professionals!
    Traditionally, to get a good usable compost mix you would mix a little soil (or earth) in with layers of manure or home made compost (from rotting vegetable/organic matter).​
    Structure of the mix is all important, so in a good compost mix Perlite is added to improve drainage and oxygen content. This is very important in the demanding indoor environment where our pot mix must be able to deliver enough feed, moisture and oxygen without becoming too wet or compressed. A really successful compost mix will provide more than just nutrients, it will give good drainage, allow oxygenation of the root zone, provide enough support for a healthy root zone and will perform well once you begin adding feed in terms of making the nutrients available to the plant.
    You shouldn't worry too much about your water pH and we don't recommend pH adjustment of water for soil/compost plants. Many soil growers still make the mistake of adjusting their pH when growing in soil but there really is no need - you could even be damaging your plant and its potential yield. The nutrient availability pH range is much wider in this organic environment than in hydroponics and the introduction of acidic pH adjusting liquids into these environments is neither necessary or desirable.


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