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Interesting Idea (1st post)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stinkjones, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I had a genius idea just sitting around, and it was pretty much the catalyst that made me join GC. I have read the forums for a while but never posted.

    Anyway, I happen to have a mini, beaker bottom tree perced 14" Lux scientific. I have all the accessories (custom bowls, diffused downstems in both 14 and 18mm) except an ashcather.

    Now, I am very interested in vaporizing, because i have been smoking for quite some time and i have noticed an effect on my lungs. So, I want to be able to vaporize, utilize the lux, and, since I'll be off to college in a few days and have no money, it must be cheap for me.

    My plan is this: fill only the second chamber, the tree perc. place ground up bud in the bottom of the first chamber (through the joint). Apply heat to the bottom of the bong with a lighter (is there anything better for this? I think the lighter would give pretty good manual control), and viola. I should be able to get rips of pure THC vapor. I could plug the joint hole with a stopper, or my thumb. Or use a clogged bowl, and use it as a slide as well.

    Further down the line, I could see myself getting a heat gun, but not a heat gun specific GonG bowl. So, I could hook up the heat gun and use it to force hot air into the empty first chamber, and get a hit throught the water filled 2nd chamber. Right? Perhaps with some poorly rigged contraption before I get the actual GonG attachment.

    Yes, I do think about weed way too much. Its a hobby. So is thermodynamics, so I like coming up with crazy shit people haven't tried to utilize weed and heat together. If they work, I, and hopefully others, get VERY HIGH. If this post is well received or what have you, I have many ideas and could come up with many more for peer review. And of course provide feedback after I try the good ones. I don't have class friday, so maybe that will be idea/prep/construction day. Haha if I'm not too stoned.

    Keep on Tokin'

    P.S. Maybe the diagrams would help... I may have been high so dont expect much...
    P.P.S. Has anyone seen those tree perc ashcathcers? Must be amazing. We just got them around here.

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  2. What most people do is just get the vaporizers with the hoses and just put the hose in the empty bowl of the bong.
  3. I feel that making a vaporizer out of a lightbulb would be better for you. Here is the guide:

    The only thing iwould change is that instead of using a lighter light a candle and hoever the bulb above that. This way you save tons of lighter fluid. Honestly, it costs about 6 bucks to make and is one of the best things ive ever done. Great weed effeciency, Little to no smell, and much easier on your lungs. Just be VERY careful with the temperature. For example dont pour cold water when the bulb is really hot or it will siomply break. Good luck m8
  4. I definitely like the candle idea. I do know about the other options, but I wanted to utilize my available resources, not spend money on a vaporizer, and preferably have something a little more high quality than a light bulb. I did try the light bulb before, it just seemed gross... Thanks for the feedback!
  5. They sell glass rods specifically for this. You use the bong just like normal water in both chambers weed in the bowl. Use the stove/range to heat one end of the glass rod then press the hot end of the glass rod into the bowl and inhale. You can also use a magnifying glass outside on a clear day to vape your weed out of your favorite piece. Both are fun and a great high.

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