Interesting GonG style hot knife slide.

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  1. Saw these on etsy, for anyone who doesnt look there, check these out i thought they were interesting. Guy claims they color change when they are hot enough to use.

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  2. Can you pm me a link, really like to check them out. Thanks.
  3. humboldtcountyglass, extremely friendly people.Humboldt, obviously. :p
  4. Looks really neat..has anyone used these before or had an experience with them?
  5. Buying one of these then writing a review..since no one else has any information on them. :)

  6. Sweet :cool:!
  7. Just placed my order..will be making a separate thread for it. Be sure to look out for it :)
  8. would that vape the bud? puttin it in there. i mean thats how those homeade vapes work with the lightbulb.

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