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  1. So I went to J Friendlies, a headshop in maryland, where I purchase most of my glass, and ive become pretty close with the guys that run the shop, and I was curious about 2010bc cause I own one and all ive heard about the guy and his glass is that they are comparable to Toro and i mean I definitely agree.

    So he said the owner of the shop is close with the blower. And apparently the 2010bc guy is a perfectionist: If he makes even the tiniest mistake, he tosses the glass and starts over.

    Thought this was pretty interesting and reassuring.

  2. Very cool. when I have money Im either going with 2010bc or hvy, as my next step in the quality scale.

    but it seems that 2010bc may be higher than hvy lol
  3. 2010bc does put out some fantastic glass. The Lowrider circs function so well and he does sweet work too. I love J Friendly too!
  4. haha yea. nothing but good things...and i can say from experience and having a 2010bc myself that it is nothing short of amazing.
  5. Where can you find 2010bc glass?
  6. ALT has a pretty big selection
  7. i am also in maryland, is j friendlies worth going to?
    also can i get the address, its in towson right?
    is it much better then elevations or shockers?
    what other good headshops are there in maryland?
    sorry for so many questions, kinda excited to see another maryland bro on here
  8. J Friendlies is definately worth a trip, they have some great glass. It's in towson, google maps it for directions.

    Elevations is also in towson, accross the street nearby. They have some sick glass too and worth a visit if your in the area.

    Shockers is further west from towson, they blow glass there but honestly not really worth the trip up there unless you need something repaired.

    Other good headshops would be Doc's in Baltimore, right up eastern ave. They have LOTS of heady glass, TONS of high end tubes, definately worth a visit, but can be expensive and the shop owners are meh, non negotionable.
  9. i have been to elevations plenty of times, is j friendlies within walking distance from elevations plan on taking a trip to towson tomorrow
    (elevations, hooka bar, now j friendlies)
  10. Yup pretty much what I hear, 2010bc is a one man operation and does quite the job with his tubes. Some peope have had some concerns with the logo but it doesn't bother me much if they function well.
    Would like to own some in the future.
  11. what kind of glass does J Friendlys have? Im right in towson but have only gone to elevation.

  12. friendlies is starting to carry some of the nicest glass. Docs definitely has the best selection..they have a lot of Toros, Killadelphs, one SG hah not a good one, RooRs, Illadelph, a Fathead or 2, and they carry the biggest selection of bowl and downstems. Friendlies has the nicest 2010bc collection with the legos as well. When I go there the guys know me and usually drop prices up to $100 for me..maybe 200 for really expensive

  13. Id say friendlies has the 2nd best glass collection next to Docs
  14. dudeeee i stopped at that shop on my way home from bonarroo!!!! the place was sick i wanted to pick up an SG there it was soo nice. But i ended up getting a 2010bc i havent even tried it out yet just picked it up looks beautiful though...... sorry i gotta go change my pants, just jizzed thinking about it :yay:
  15. I ordered one of there Ashcatchers but won't be at my house for AGES...Canada Post is on strike. :(

    Be sick though time it does come i'll have more glass ordered...
  16. 2010bc glass is nice, I'd compare it more to Itza, SGW, Migrant, SYN, but not Toro nor SG glassware.
  17. i disagree i'd say its top tier
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    You could not be more wrong.

    2011bc is top end with Toro and SG. The BC ash catchers are the best on the market, since SG ones aren't in production.
  19. yeah the dood at the store today was ssaying how its way above the syns they had and if wanted something comparable to the 2010bc he suggested the toro..

  20. sg ash catchers are the shit but they hav less grids and no worked stem

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