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Interesting conversation about ganja and rastas.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. My dealer and I, who are pretty decent friends as of late, recently hung out today so that he could hook me up. He reupped me sooner than usual and I was telling him how I made hash (I even gave him the tiniest chunk to try) and he hands me the sack, saying "it's better than before." I looked at it and I was like "yeh, it's definately more sativa dominated regs than last, less red hairs, more yellowish trichomes, but less hairs and it's more compressed than last time . . . smells good though." He was all like "damn, man, you've been looking around or something." I was like "meh, research, online searches, etc. not like I got another dealer to compare, but I know good weed when I see it. You usually get me regs, not schwagg, so your prices are pretty darn decent."

    Then he said "well, y'know, the main hookup is a son of a Rasta."
    and I was like "oh, you never told me that."
    he was like "yeh, he says his father doesn't touch 'da bomb'"
    I was like "no chronic sinsemilla?"
    He was like, "nah, even their chronic has seeds in it he says."

    I was like, "that doesn't sound right. I'm sure they prefer js and blunts over water pipes and that they might dry their weed outside instead of in and may not be perfect in their curing process, but the only thing I can see them being against is artifical lights and hydroponics."

    He said "maybe, I don't know."

    Anyways, I got home and rolled a spliff, which is a poor way of telling quality, but whatever. It was decent regs, a little more spicier than last time and a little bit more potent, so cool.

    What do you guys think of the conversation n'soforth?
  2. I knew a rastafarian who told me that part of their religion is that everything must be organic and they have to grow their own food and i don't know if they grow their own ganja but i only assume and i don't think they use lights or hydroponics i think it's completely natural, nothing but dirt, sun, and rain.
  3. This is true, true rastas only smoke sess.

    My question to you is how is smoking a j a bad way to tell the quality?
  4. Yeh they don't smoke nothing but natural.
  5. i think he meant that his spliff had tobacco in it, so it was hard to taste the weed alone.
  6. Bingo. Generally a j or a blunt is a decent way to tell the effects of weed, but a simple way of telling is to take a single hit off of a bubbler or water pipe to test potency imo. If it's really dank, you'll have trouble taking a hit without taking a short break, if it's stress you can keep on sucking cuz you're all like "i'm not high." etc.

    Personally I just really enjoy spliffs and don't have them all that often so i rolled one when I got my new shit in cuz I just felt like wasting a little. It was a seventy thirty though, seventy percent tobacco, thirty percent stress mids.

    It tastes way better than the last stuff outta a spliff, but out of my bubbler is just ok. I like spliffs over water pipes, but I can't justify the amount of weed I smoke if I smoke them all the time, etc.
  7. I wish I could GET decent regs just for the price... here you're either getting schwag or dank/kind...

    I LOVE spliffs though, just tobacco AND weed together... especially if it's american spirits rolling tobacco... too bad most of my friends are against spliffs.

    Any pics?
  8. nah, all my spliffs look like the j in my user gallery tho, I only use Hempire these days, though I use two rolling papers so it burns slower. Speaking of which I have to pick up some more papers . . .

    Anyways, at times I can understand why the Rastas generally believe that stressed weed is more "natural." I mean, it is if you think about it. Seedless weed isn't meant to survive because . . . well, there's no seeds, there's no next generation, etc. etc. etc. It surves only the means of man's desire to get high.

    Nonetheless, I believe that "the bomb" is a very very good thing and should be the way that most ganja is available. Luckily, with the exception of the U.S. and Mexico, most places have very decent ganja for a not ridiculous price. Hopefully dealers in the U.S. will start getting kinder. But until then, I'll smoke my regs and keep a lookout for dank.
  9. ^ Yous a big time cracka I cant believe you'd actually put more batch then weed. If thats not chet I dont know what is. Oh yeah and your whole theory how you need to take breaks with good weed while smoking out of glass is BS because my shit is potent and smooth and I rip that shit like a motha fucka.
  10. i really couldn't tell you the point of this thread... sorry.

  11. lol, yeh, I'm a wimpy white boy, but meh, I enjoy what I enjoy.

    My theory on taking hits of decent weed isn't necessarily false, though. I haven't met many people who can continually take hits of bomb without at least taking a short period to pass it.

    Well, I'm glad you can handle your weed, but I'll stick with being able to get high for less cash than most of my current chronic smoking associates. Though I must say I envy the quality, just not the current U.S. prices. Homegrown should try and compete with schwagg prices, not adhere to the black market's price listings imo. Unfortunately, such rantings on an online forum, I'm afraid, will do little to change that.
  12. Exactly, All we gotta do is overgrow the system!!! mwaahahahah
  13. ^^ well you see, that's my plan, hopefully.

    I haven't had a succesful grow, but have only tried twice in one year, so this summer might be when I can finally buckle down and do it right for once. I REALLY want to grow, but I don't have a lot of space and I have to keep my electricity bill down cuz it's already super high. But that'll be a journal hopefully in a month or so, that's when I plan on getting started.

    Anyways, this thread has gotten somewhat off topic . . .

    In regards to rastafarianism and the use of bomb, what do you guys think? Does well grown seeded weed feel "more natural" than sinsemilla bomb? What's your opinion?
  14. Well, I know one thing for sure. There's a big difference between the way a high creeps on you when you smoke Js or blunts and when you hit a bong. With Js and blunts after 3-5 hits I start feeling nice and buzzed. On a bong, I inhale that first rip, and hold it down for 5 seconds. By the time I let that monster out, I'm stoned. Two more rips and I should be pretty much good to go. But more can never hurt. Can it? :p
  15. Does well grown seeded weed feel "more natural" than sinsemilla bomb? What's your opinion?

    How would it feel more natural? The only reason it has seeds is because the male plant wasn't pulled. And Sinsemilla can be all natural..don't understand this thread?
  16. most Rasta deal with hIghgrade lambsbread herb. "stress" or bushweed or sometimes reffered to as "Mecc" (for Mexican) is often very dirty, sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals, it is very poorly tended for. High grade requires man to tend his plant, wheather it inside or out. Devout Rasta probably not wanna touch polluted herb, whether it pesticided Bushweed or super dank hydroponic. Rasta just want thing natural, a good seed and good water and good sun bring Rasta smooth meditation. HIgh grade AND natural. It is an Art.
  17. they do have organic hydroponics you know

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