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  1. Hey guys.. I was killing time online and i came across a bunch of pretty interesting articles printed in a magazine called "New Scientist", I think its a British magazine however i might be wrong, I just liked these because none of them really appeared to be biased to me and were pretty cool...however I'm in now way claiming these to be 100% true and accurate but i liked them anyway hehe I figured i'd save u guys time and just put what the article is about so you can decide what you wanna read and what you dont wanna read as I'm sure most of u will only be interested in certain articles. :smoking:

    MJ and memoryloss:

    MJ and driving:

    MJ and brain cell growth:

    MJ and Psychosis:

    MJ might help keep arteries clear:

    MJ helps multiple sclerosis sufferers:

    MJ and pregnancy:

    Enjoy, Be safe and happy toking :smoking:
    (Oh and I'm really not sure if I posted this in the right place, I wasnt sure and this seemed to be my safest bet.)
  2. mmkay well i don't have time to read them right now, but i promise i will read them later on after my class k? yeah :smoke:
  3. Tootsie Blue, Tokin Blue, .... AAAAAAAAEEEEEERRGHRGHGHHG
  4. aye, captain haha :) (she's a little copy cat ;) )

    well i agree with the first article, because your memory is AWFUL...hardly remember anything :laughing:

    i would not be surprised if more accidents happened with stoners than a sober person, due to the fact that they ARE under the influence and decision making is slowed

    not sure i am with the psychosis article though. Perhaps with those only predisposed to it, but i do not see how marijuana could actually CAUSE it in regular people

    and due to the fact that i do not want to make this long, i will agree with you that these were an interesting read :smoke:

  5. AHAHAA i know thats pretty much what i said!!! hehe.. he's such a lil copy cat huh? :rolleyes:
  6. *cough*september 05*cough*

    that comes before feb 06 :laughing: I WIN :D:D
  7. Those are some good articles... they're all a little sketchy though. None of them are really very straight forward, for example the article that talks about brain cell regeneration, in the experiment they use a chemically similar drug as opposed to actual THC (synthetic or organic, doesn't matter).
  8. do i smell love in the air? lol
  9. ^Tokinblue and nushaganazad's love?? for sure....its just oooozing outta both of you for each other <3 hehe
  10. alright dizzy.
  11. hahahaha funny shit dan

    think its about time to close this thread eh?
  12. eh, im down for closing this one lol.
  13. i figured you would be :laughing:
  14. don't get all mad.......jeez
  15. those are all very interesting articles......................thank you for showing them to has some very useful information that might come in handy during some of my arguments................thanks a bunch...............:D
  16. i liked the smoking and driving one, imma have to + rep u

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