Interesting Article On Health From The Master Inventor - Nikola Tesla

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    Nikola Tesla maintained an exacting regimen of specific foods and very little sleep. Tea and coffee were evils while alcohol was the elixir of life. ?

    Meat is another food which he never touches, Dr. Tesla explained. Two quarts of milk a day provide him with all the proteins and calories he needs to remain alive, he said. Although as a rule he does not retire until 5:30 o'clock every morning, he gets up about 10 A. M. and feels full of energy.

    Between sips of the warm milk, he eyed the newspaper folk with their Scotch and sodas and confided that if he had not given up drinking alcohol with the enactment of Prohibition he would live to be 150 years old.

    "As it is, I believe my abstinence from alcohol during the latter part of my life has lopped off fifteen years from my life, and now I expect to live only 135 years," he remarked, "Alcohol is the elixir of life, but when this country passed the Prohibition Law I felt that as a patriotic American I should stop drinking whisky. I have not touched it since."
    -Tesla, 80, Reveals New Power Device. Says His Wireless Invention Will Gird the Earth With Energy for Industry. New York Times. July 11, 1936.

    In another interview, Tesla expanded on his vegetarian diet, described even more stringent sleep requirements and praised the virtues of taking an electrical bath.

    His diet is simple. He lives chiefly on vegetables, cereals and milk. The menu includes onions, spinach, celery, carrots, lettuce, with potatoes occasionally. Whites of eggs and milk complete the diet. There is no meat on his vegetable plate. He never smokes or tastes tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages or any other stimulant.

    "I sleep about one and one-half hours a night," the inventor says. "I think that is enough for any man. When I was young I needed more sleep. But age doesn't require so much. There are so many things to do I do not want to spend time sleeping needlessly. In my family all were poor sleepers. Time spent in sleep is lost time, we always felt."

    "But what is giving me more fun than anything I have done for a long, long time," Dr. Tesla explains, "is an electric bath which I hope to have ready for general use very soon.

    "It doesn't require much room. There is a platform on which the person stands. He turns on the current. Instantly all foreign material such as dust, dandruff, scales on the skin and microbes is thrown off from the body. The nerves, too, are exhilarated and strengthened. The 'bath' is excellent for medical as well as for cleaning purposes.
    -Dr. Tesla Visions the End of Aircraft in War. Every Week Magazine, Oct. 21, 1934.

    Chewing gum and tea were by far the greatest villains.

    It is in striking contrast in its medicinal and dietetic value to all other stimulants which, without exception, are injurious. Even smoking, snuffing or chewing tobacco will eventually impair the health, though not quite so much as chewing gum, which, by exhaustion of the salivary glands, puts many a foolish victim into an early grave.

    But by far the greatest number of victims are claimed by tea and coffee. Dr. Alexander Haig, foremost authority on uric acid and founder of his famous diet, says of the former: "Tea drinking is just like drug taking, in fact, and has just as terrible and fatal results."

    The truth about alcohol is that it acts as a caustic and a solvent. In small quantities it cleans and sterilizes the alimentary channels; thereby preventing infections, and proves a beneficial stimulant to thought, speech and physical exertion.
    - Chewing Gum More Fatal Than Rum, Says Tesla. New York World Telegram, Aug. 10, 1932

    I'll leave the last words to those in Tesla's autobiography. In it, he speaks of the physiological effects of these demons.

    [Coffee and tea] These delicious beverages superexcite and gradually exhaust the fine fibers of the brain. They also interfere seriously with arterial circulation and should be enjoyed all the more sparingly as their deleterious effects are slow and imperceptible. Tobacco, on the other hand, is conducive to easy and pleasant thinking and detracts from the intensity and concentration necessary to all original and vigorous effort of the intellect.

    Chewing gum is helpful for a short while but soon drains the glandular system and inflicts irreparable damage, not to speak of the revulsion it creates.

    Link to Source

    More similar links/articles from different sources

    This really interests me because my grandfather used to always consume very small doses of pure alcohol usually a cap of plum/apple brandy with no additives or preservatives i think it was called Rakija anywhere from 75-95% Alcohol/Volume.

    My mother said it was what kept him alive for so long because it cleanses and sterilizes the system from what he taught her then reading this i just had to post and see what everyone else has to say.

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    Not to mention the amounts of Fluoride and Artificial Sweeteners and so on they add that are toxic to the body in Chewing gum, Teas and Coffees these days. He has even more reasons to back up his claim today.

    Sadly even alcohol has been messed with these days. Unless its pure Vodka/Whiskey/Brandy or something home-made with natural ingredients and not mixed with anything else or added i wouldn't touch it.

  3. Didn't know where to post this but i thought since it was by Nikola Tesla it would be ok to post it here.
  4. Haha, I am a huge fan of his but I wouldn't put too much stock into this (I haven't checked the sources).

    He was good at physics, engineering and electrical sciences, I don't think he had much insight into this topic.

    I think he was spot on the none meat diet, and I have been trying to reduce and eventually eliminate that and my smoking cigars.
  5. The book this article is based off of is a compilation of autobiographical articles that Tesla wrote for a magazine. There seems to be a few people who say that the book has a good many omissions and additions in comparison to the articles Tesla wrote. Meaning the author, Ben J., more than likely added his own "knowledge" on Tesla.

    It's not an uncommon thing for people to do.. try to say that some smart guy from our past said something that backs up what they want to believe. Much like that quote about the bees that gets recycled as words from Einstein.. saying that he said that if the bees go extinct, humanity will too. Einstein never said that.. at least there is no evidence he did. I have little doubt that at least some of this book.. and then article based off the book.. are much like Einstein's bee quote that never happened.

  6. Basically what the above two posters said. While brilliant, Tesla was not a biologist.

    And even modern day biology cannot filly agree on nutrition

  7. That electric bath thing is curious, I am going to check into that.
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    " And the value of these experiments? As Dr. Tesla points out, if these machines come into daily use, and duly invade our homes, it will be possible for us to have a dry bath, more sanitary and infinitely better than our present water baths. If the current conditions are right, the body will throw off scale, dead skin, dust and dirt particles, hurling them far from the body. For it should not be forgotten that Tesla currents travel mostly over the skin, ridding it of all impurities. But that is not all. The unquestioned therapeutical effects to the human body are of great value, not only to the muscles but to the entire nervous system. Tesla currents, by softening the arteries, make the old feel younger, and the young, younger and more aggressive, Women, particularly, should derive great benefits from their future high frequency dry baths."
  9. I doubt it would remove the smell of body oder buildup from sweat and such.

    Interesting idea though.

    Would.llove to see it tried

  10. Around here we can get 95% grain alcohol. I used to use it making tinctures.
  11. I wondered about dirt trapped in oily pores, maybe it vaporized the oils or something lmao. IDK about odors, can they withstand such energy, I think odors are just bacteria, they'd probably die being on the outside of your skin.

    All the more reason I need a Tesla Coil.
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    Nicola was well learned but even the most educated people can and will be wrong about things.

    He sat in front of his xray machine for prolonged periods believing it would take many lifetimes to inflict enough damage as to be detrimental to a persons health. Today we know that is incorrect. Although I'm not sure about the levels of xray he used I assume that if u can see your skeleton, it is enough to be dangerous.

    He also believed in wireless transmission of electricity although today it is widely believed that this is impractical as the energy generated by the source will drop quickly at even small distances.

    And he was the smartest person in the world during his time regarding this technology. I believe he was told by his father that alcohol was beneficial to his health although I don't remember where I read that.
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    Double post
  14. Guess we wont know till we try one. I am all for trying it

  15. Me too! I just need a massive Tesla coil... Anyone?

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