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  1. I am interested in growing some marijuana (imagine that :p), the only thing is, I don't have a source for seeds and I am looking for a plant with little odor and one that doesn't require TOO much care. I live in a somwhat sucluded area and I know it would be too far for people to smell, but I just want to be safe with the plant having not too much odor. The are this plant would be growing is usually pretty shady but can get sun sometimes. Would the best way to grow the plant in this area be to germinate the plant then plant it? What are some good online sources that deliver seeds to America? And what type of bud would you reccomend?

  2. Now you are here you have a source of seeds. Getting a bit late for an outdoor grow, seeing as you don´t even have seeds yet.

    Indoors you can do what you like, when you like.
  3. How long would it usually take to grown a plant, 3 months?
  4. That is a bare minimum and would have decreased yield because would only allow about 4 weeks to veg.

    A good average is 4-5 months. The flowering phase cannot be shortchanged and often takes 8-9 weeks but for some strains can push to as long as 12 weeks. The vegging stage takes as long as you want, keeping in mind that the longer you let it go the more potential bud sites you will develop, so good to allow 6-8 weeks if not more.

    In addition, an outdoor grow is timed to the sun and the seasons -- shorter days of increasingly red light and longer dark period are what trigger the hormonal changes in the plant associated with sexing and flowering.
  5. So, you're saying that it will take 7 to 8 weeks to grow a whole plant? And then some time after? Confusing me?
  6. The area I am thinking about growing is in some woods by my house, not too much sunlight, do you think this would work out?
  7. Once it has popped above the soil it is in the vegging stage. That can last as long as you want -- the longer the plant is in veg growth the larger and fuller it will be, yielding more bud sites. The minimum timeframe for this phase is 3-4 weeks though yield will be way down. Many growers take this phase 6-8 weeks. Others go longer. Also affecting this timetable is any training, topping, fimming, etc. that could add yield in the long run but take extra time in the short run.

    After veg is the flower stage. How long that takes is mostly genetics, for many strains 8-9 weeks but for others could be a few weeks more.

    So the total process from sprout to harvest often adds up to a total of 4-5 months but there are many variables at play.
  8. I think these seeds I got from a sack I got the other day are almost done germinating!? It's hardly been 24 hours! I have them in a glass jar in some moist paper towel. I looked at the seed and it cracked open a bit and small green thing coming out of it, not sticking out yet, but getting there! The seed cracked away, I am getting happy! I do have an indor place to grow it, but what would I need to do this? What type of lights and other equipment? I would grow them outside for a bit until it starts to get cold. The seeds seemed like they changed colors too, they are black now?

    I accidently touched the seed...:mad: Will that effect it any?

    Three of three seeds ;)

    If i were to grow them in the house how bad would the smell be? I don't want guests coming over smelling it and shit.

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