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  1. I am interested in DXM. Whats the safest way to trip on DXM? Triple C's? Robitussin Cough gels?

    If it matters I haven't done anything other than marijuana, and I'm 5'10 185 pounds.

    What is the experience like for you guys? Worth it? Tell me the safest way so I don't fuck up and die
  2. when i was walking to school, this girl said she took 8 Triple C's or some shit, and then later in 6th period, i seen her and her pupils were big as fuck

    so id say go with the triple's
  3. Yeah a aquiantence of mine came into school today trippin on triple C's. His pupiles were huuuugeee and he kept talking about how hard he was tripping but I've heard its dangerous because of some other chemical and I wanna be safe and no the safest way to trip on DXM
  4. The safest way is definitely NOT triple-cs, or Coricidin Cough and Cold. To be safe, you will want to use Robitussin cough gels or regular Robitussin cough syrup. You can also use the generic versions of either of these if you find them. Make sure the cough syrup says either maximum strength or long acting on the box, NOT DM. Also, make sure to check the active ingredients, the only active ingredient should be Dextromethorphan HBR.
  5. safest way is to isolate the dextromethorphan which is pretty rare. that doesnt harm you, its the aceteminophen that fucks with your liver, but thats only after long time use. if you dont trip too often on them, youll be fine. but definitely go with the c's. i usually take around 19 or 20 and trip pretty hard. im 5'9" and 145 lbs. but if its your first time, id still suggest taking maybe around 17 or so just to test the waters and see how you like it. youll still have quite a trip off of that. just be sure you have a garbage can or something near by because throwing up is pretty common on those. and another tip, dont think youre dying or that you OD'd because that makes the trip terrible. just sit back, relax, listen to some tunes, and youll feel like a balloon stuck to the ground. personally, i like the experience. i dont do it often anymore, but when i did, ive had some great conversations with friends.

    if you dont know much about it, basically after about 20 minutes - a half hour after taking them, (maybe longer, it depends) youll start to feel light and fuzzy. then gradually youll feel disassociated, and might have a feeling that youre sinking into the couch, chair, or whatever youre sitting in. you may find that you have a hard time walking and that you have to hold onto shit for balance. its kind of hard to do anything productive while tripping on these. and also, make sure if you have to piss, you sit down on the toilet because youll probably miss hahaha.

    looking into a mirror while im tripping also freaks me out, so i try not to do that. enjoy. :wave:
  6. go do a real drug.
  7. Apparently the search button is useless now...sigh. TRIPLE C'S ARE BAD FOR YOU BECAUSE THEY CONTAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS OTHER THAN DXM. One example is aceteminophen, which is dangerous if you take more than a normal dose (which is obviously the case). Here get this:

    Maximum Strength Tussin cough syrup. The only active ingredient in this syrup is DXM, containing 15 mg/ 5 mL. Important note: don't get the normal robitussin because that one DOES contain other active ingredients. You have to get the maximum strength one that looks like this.

    My first time I drank 4 fluid ounces of this shit and smoked bud about 20-30 minutes later. At first I only felt the weed, but approximately an hour and a half later, I was feeling really weird. I felt like I was breathing in cold winter air and I felt all tingly. Then I got REALLY fucked up. Super intense euphoria; I was extremely happy, so happy to the point that I was crying from joy. This effect lasted almost the whole first half of my trip, which was about 6 hours.

    I started to feel dissociated during the second half of the trip. I sat down in a chair, and my friend was talking to me, but I could not understand what he was saying. It was really weird, I thought that I didn't know what he was saying but my responses were making sense. And then I was thinking, "What the fuck? I can't control myself, I don't even know what I'm saying." I felt as though my mind and body were separate, and that my mind couldn't control my body's actions. I looked down at my arms and it seemed like they didn't belong to me anymore. Unfortunately since this was the first time I ever tried a dissociative drug, I got really freaked out. I started having a panic attack, thinking "Holy shit am I going insane? I must be. This is what it is like to be insane omg...I'm probably going to die."

    I was expressing these concerns to my friend who reminded me that I was on a drug, but I couldn't understand why that mattered. My thought process was, "So what if I'm on a drug? I'm going fucking insane, the drug will just make it worse FUCK OMG...i'm so fucked!" I was really retarded and fucked up. Eventually, I finally understood that I wasn't going insane, and that it was the drug making me feel like this. But by that time my trip was almost over.

    So during my first trip, I had my best experience, but I also had my worst experience.
    Despite the panic attack, it was definitely worth it.
  8. drug n. A substance used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease or as a component of a medication.
  9. The safest way is obviously not CCC's or any other multiple ingredient product. Generic Coughgels and DXM-only syrups are good.
  10. Honestly, i would recommend Zicam. Its 394 mg of dxm, and its like less than a shot of fluid, and tastes half as bad as all the syrup's that are being recommended. trust me.
    the gels aren't that bad for low dose trips, but if you wanna go anywhere over 300mg (a mild 2nd plateau) then you have to take more than twenty, and they are big. can really upset your stomach. same with large amounts of syrup. but like a third plateau with zicam uses 3x less liquid. have fun and be careful man.
  11. oh but make sure it is the zicam with only dxm. i think there are only like two or three brands, and im not sure if all of them have dxm as the only active ingriedient. im not even sure there is a different in the types of zicam except for flavor. idk. someone back me up on this or correct for me?

  12. Hahaha was just about to say the same thing (in a less wordy manner)

  13. Laughable. DXM is crazy.
    Ever tripped on DXM?
  14. yeah for real. I can understand someone saying that after a first plat. even a second plat. but a third or fourth. or fucking sigma? ive had experiences where i can see through my eyelids and lost all contact with my body. felt my bed flying through the air, talking to aliens/celestial beings/whatever you want to call them in my mind. sounds like a real drug to me no?
    yes its not acid or shrooms, but again, its just a different experience. no you don't get intense OEV and color intenseness, but its a dissociative, not a psychedelic
  15. ever met god buddy? i did on dxm. this is a real mindopening tool.

    check erowid next time you care to know the truth instead of sitting in a sweaty puddle of jealousy
  16. couldnt have said it better
  17. thanks. youre probably the second smartest person ive met on here.

    want to be friends?
  18. hahahahaha that was decided the second you made that post.

    i agree with you completely, though. although i didnt meet god, i did have a pretty deep conversation with my buddy about what ''god'' is, how people can be completely evil, how terrible it would feel to take someone's life, why people act the way they do, why everyone cant just live together peacefully etc. it brought me to the brink of tears for no reason at all. it was crazy. and this all started because we were playing call of duty. hahaha. dxm has the ability to be extremely powerful if youre in the right mindset.
  19. robotussin liqued cough gel pills are the best
    ive robo tripped soooo many times it doesnt even work for me anymore
    take 40
    id always take 40 and be sooo fucked up
    if robotussin still made me trip id be trippin right now
    its soo fun

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