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  1. Hello to all readers and advice givers!
    Let me start with the details on my current project-

    Currently I am about three weeks or so into my third grow. Prior to this one I had a successful grow with four plants done in a shed with a false wall. I had a wider variety of mechanisms like a light timer, and automatic water sprayer with a timer, a device to control humidity and a few fans. All of which were handed to me from a friend who also assisted in my grow. My second grow was a closet grow which was a CFL grow that was short lived. Now I'm attempting a third grow which has started as a bedroom grow, and after maturity I intend to move them to the second floor of a garage. Currently I have two plants roughly three weeks old. I started them under an incandescent bulb in solo cups because I was in a rush and after four days I switched the bulb out to a CFL. Due to my housing arrangements my light cycle has not been consistent and until the flowering stage most likely wont remain consistent. They do receive a minimum of sixteen hours of light each day. I have transplanted one into a small clay pot while the other remains in a solo cup.


    The mechanisms I had before I do not have anymore. I have simplistically: spray bottle of distilled water , good quality potting soil, currently a single CFL, and a palm sized fan, and also a black light for small additives of UV light when they reach the flowering stage.
    I am starting to notice some red coloration in the areas of the stalks so I am curious if I should be concerned. Without my old setup I am practically back to stage one of learning to grow. My first grow was so easy because I did not have to manage anything besides occasionally looking at the plants to check for any issues which never ended up arising. I had someone crop my plants for me at the time, I basically just gave someone a place to house the operation. Thus now that I am on my own and at a certain lack of resources I want any advice I can get on how I can keep these plants safe and healthy. I have limited space, roughly 4x6 ft and they need to remain concealed for privacy issues.
    From this information what advice can you all give me?

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