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intense urge to throw up after smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sparticus, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. so this has happened to me twice. Ill be smoking and what-not and feeling great, then about 30 minutes after ive stopped smoking i get the munchies and eat , i only eat a tiny bit, then i get wicked sick. No stomache ache really, but i def feel like im going to puke.

    It happened to me today. i vaped from my MFLB and felt great and went to bk with my friends. after eating 1 burger i sat there and felt like i was going to puke. i went outside and started to feel okay. then as we were about to get in the car i felt sick again and me and my friends walked around town for like an hour or 2 until i stopped feeling sick.

    this has happened to me twice so far and ive vaped both times (first time was smoke, and a tiny vaping[one hit]). But this always holds me back from smoking with my friends because i feel like if it happens when im with them, they wont want to smoke with me anymore.

    anyone have any idea why this happens?
  2. I actually have felt sick from vaping then munching too.
    avoid fatty foods, if I eat something grainy or fruity then I tend to be okay.
    too bad you put your friends through that :D
    I'm usually down to puke, I don't hate it with all my life and afterwards I always feel better.
  3. yeah, i HATE puking. i havent done it in a while.

    the first time it happened we vaped barely at all, and all i ate after was a pop-tart. i wouldnt even blame the vape for this time.

    this time was worse though. the first time i was 100% better when i stepped outside, but this time i felt the same outside.
  4. bump, anyone else with some help?
  5. I've never thrown up from anything only 2x in my whole life... but my friends throw up when they smoke it too quick and it burns too hot, but not from eating afterwards
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    Are you swallowing any vapor? Sometimes with Da Buddha my vapor rips are so big I accidently swallow a small portion of them. If you don't burp it back up many times you can get stomach pains as a result.
  7. lol throwing up after vaping and eating... this really is an apprentice forum! ahaha.. sorry. can't help myself. but yeah the best thing you can do is just eat like an hour before you toke. (maybe even a mango an hour before you toke.):hello:
  8. well your eating fast food and cannabis slows down the peristalsis of your stomach. maybe your stomach can't handle too much crap for too long.

    try eating more healthful foods if not in general, at least when your baked. oh and don't eat alot of crap before going to sleep at night.

  9. my thinking exactly
  10. i shouldnt be swallowing any. im not inhaling weird or anything.

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