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Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Lyonz, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. nothing like rippin up some nice downhill and burnin right after:smoke: anyone like to mountain bike? either easy, medium or difficult trails?
  2. im not really into mountain biking, just cause there really isnt any difficult trails, but I do love riding around the city on my single speed road bike :)
  3. Love it, I just love getting the hell away from the people, noise, traffic, concrete, phones & tv & shit.

    My bike is not that great though, just a basic trail bike from Wal-mart. But I enjoy the shit out of hitting the trail in the woods, nothing special, these woods are thick as shit though with wild animals all around. There's about 3 creeks, some rather big hills & ditches. I stay on it pretty hard, its like i'm in a compition or something, racing against the clock, actaully theres locations along the trail that scare the shit out of me, people have reported seeing bears, & I know there's wild dogs around there too, so I kinda haul ass at that segment LOL.
  4. Last summer, I lived at Northstar resort in Truckee, CA. They have a world class downhill mountain biking facility. I rode out there a few times, blazed while riding, the place is awesome. The double blacks out there are so gnarly... I had to walk a couple sections.

    I love mountain biking of any kind... but especially lift-served downhill riding. :D

  5. dude i love mountain biking...mostly downhill but i did some gnarly shit last year in colorado.. we did like a 12 mile uphill ride up buff pass and then had a 17 mile dowhill on some like gnarly ass terain where u could like haull assss... we just toked upp right before and went crazy... and i did some mountain biking in moab for a short week cuz i ended up breaking my nose pretty bad haha
  6. man i love mountain biking. any trail is fun high, and the trails that arent so fun sober are still fun while high...
    but whenever im biking i just feel like im flying and my mind is so relaxed.
  7. On Sativa yes but i could see myself being so high and tripping... On a indica i wouldn't make it out my door without having to sit somewhere and chill...
  8. I love toking up before i hit local trails. Monarch Crest and Silver Creek are the best. Some super badass views and the forest is super trippy. Def recommend it to anyone that does cross country riding.
  9. Love mountain biking. Now that I'm at school I ride some cross country, but when I lived home I had my downhill bike and rode all summer at diablo and plattekill.
  10. I used to cross country mountain bike race, until I took a corner too fast and slide down a mountain breaking too many bones.
  11. I just picked up a used Trek Fuel to get back into it after a couple of year layoff. I've got some nice trails close to home, and even better trails up in Jim Thorpe, PA about an hour or so away.
  12. Nice I've ridden at Jim Thorpe, rocky and fun
  13. Sweet! I haven't been there since 2001. Started riding some of the parks around chesco, there are some good trails, not a lot of long downhills around though. I'm still getting back into riding shape.
  14. If anyone is interested in buying a Specialized BigHit send me a PM.

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