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  1. So my girl, Marie, and I have been together roughly a year and a half. I am currently
    attending PSU as a freshmen and she is still a senior in high school, we are three hours apart. We usually get together every 2-3 weekends and chill all weekend, whether she comes up here or I go back home. We have a very healthy sex life, and the sex is amazing (lasts long, multiple orgasms, etc.). Anyway, she came up this past weekend and we were able to house sit my friend's apartment who was leaving for the weekend. On Saturday night, we were laying in bed about to fall asleep and we start a little argument about irrelevent shit. Well I was sick of arguing, so I grabbed her and held her and it just started happening...we were kissing heavily, tearing our clothes off and all that good shit. We had already fucked that night, so she was a little sore, but things just kept escalating nonetheless. It ended up with us making love...which after this experience I'm pretty sure I had never "made love" before. It was so intense...I wasn't thinking, she wasn't thinking, we were just one and one alone. I was panting extremely heavily, and I usually don't do that at all. She kept saying "I love you" over and over and I felt it, I knew it. Afterwards, I was bewildered...I had never had an experience even close to that and we must have had sex hundreds if not thousands of times. I felt a powerful force during the incident, and she told me later that she had felt the same exact thing. This may sound stupid, but I am still amazed at what happened. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone, or am I just a crazy naiive little boy?
  2. Lucky you... I feel like the little sex I've had in my life has been rather vacant emotionally, albeit good physically.
  3. That's exactly how I felt before this. We were deff. emotionally connected, but never really during sex until this experience.
  4. im just totally pulling this outa my ass but it sound slike you found love physically, you may heve been in love with her before emotionally, but it was never physical. good job.
  5. MMMMMM I know what you're talking about. Nothing is better than sex with someone you have deep feelings for. It's happened to me before and I will never, ever forget it.;)
  6. Oh lord, it's the best fucking feeling in the world. Any doubts of whether I love this girl or not have completely subsided after this. Hopefully it happens more often, but I dont think it's something you can try to do.
  7. Congratulations. It sounds as though you had a very meaningful experience.

    This can happen when expectations go out the window. If you approach an experience like that without assumptions, you tend to have a good time.
  8. I guess you're right. For once in my life I wasn't having sex just because it felt good and this seemed to open up doors that I didn't think even existed.

  9. Hmmm well I remember one day my girlfriend and I had a horrible fight and hadn't seen each other in days. I remember she wanted me to come to her house one night and just talk. I had no intention of having sex honestly. I thought we were just gonna talk about the state of our relationship. Well she answered the door in this really sexy outfit, and yea we had some fucking bomb ass sex that night. Needless to say, we had totally forgotten what we fought about days ago.
  10. Yeah, it's a true rarity to have an experience like that.

    Congrats, man.
  11. That sucks. It was incredible, I wish it could happen every time now but I know it won't.
  12. This might totally go without saying, this being a potheads' forum and all, but smoking a little beforehand goes a long way toward improving the odds.
  13. Idk, I'd say pot just makes me want to fuck the shit out of her and bust a nut...there is really nothing that can compare to what happened, and I don't think there's anyway to make sure it happens again. I guess it's just random and amazing lol.

  14. Yeah it's just gotta happen on it's own. I'm happy for you man. Congratulations! :hello:
  15. I have only experienced a small amount of this. Mainly because the longest relationship I have ever had was 6 months and me and this girl were getting really close, and the sex wasn't getting any worse only better.. but of course it was too good to be true :[ now I feel like my standard are too high but its just how I am, its ridiculous.
    I have been a dick to so many girls recently.. im becoming really picky and always find something I dislike about her. I pretty much only text or answer their calls when I want to get some.. but I guess that college

    On-Topic: Keep it real with her and everything should play itself out from there :wave:
  16. You'll never have this kind of sex if you're just trying to get some ass...there needs to be feelings involved and a little bit of magic in the air.
  17. i second that. no worries man. you are all good.

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