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  1. Hello blades. Recently I've been having very intense dreams, but none close to a nightmare. I've had a few and still remember them with detail and the whole point of what I was doing and what was going on. I know of the book of dreams, but I don't have my hands on it in the meantime. So I guess I'll keep some kind of log or story thread here.

    I've had a zombie attack one where I was with my girlfriend and other random people in a house trying to scavenge supplies. Strange thing was, the zombies wouldn't try and break into convince stores, boarded up houses, ect. Anyways... I went out of the safe house we all were living in and made my way to the dollar store alone. There I was inside buying bubble gum, and looking at albums on the rack. Well I went out to discover a few homies of mine outside the store. I go and associate, and we drew a lot of attention so we all dipped. When I returned to the house. I ended up looking outside a sliding door to the backyard. From what my mind was telling me it was an old school Zeta. Cowboy boots, blue jeans, and of course a snake skin hat... well he was looking around very suspiciously and dropped a massive wad of cash. Being stupid me, when he was walking away. I opened the sliding door, and started yelling to get his attention and was walking toward him. He quickly saw me and walk toward me as well. He got close enough, pulled out his pistol and fucking whipped me senseless. He was dragging me close to the sliding door and beating down on me. My girlfriend was teary eyed and screaming to let me go. He left, but I wasnt in the best condition..

    Another is when I was actually in a huge mall I've never been before. I was walking around, window shopping, and all of a sudden these sirens go off and the gates to all the stores started to close down. I happened to be in a store, but the people who were all out and in the lobby weren't the luckiest.. U.S troops came in and killev everyone that was out in the lobby. After the gore, the people that we're in the store with me all grouped up. We made a plan to sneak past the security cameras and see how everyone is doing. Of course I'm the one runninf everywhere back and fourth dodging partol and camras. I was able to get to everyone and find a place with an emergency exit and we all got pssed and slid down this wash of some sort to get to a dock. The dock, we were all going to stay together and swim to freedom basically.

    Then there's last night. I dreamt I found my girl basically talking to other dudes and wanting to break things off with me. I know some people think dreams are a way of your subconscious telling you things. But I sure am confronting this bitch tonight. Cause I don't wanna be an idiot and take her to the basketball game tonight. If shit like thats happening.

    Anyways, that dream consisted of confused emotions, trying to get back together, and flying a plane over farm land and spraying weird colored mist over them.

    All these dreams happened this week, I don't think they're getting any better, but I'm seriously considering buying a dream catcher... Thoughts will be appreciated.

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  2. Try to make your dreams become lucid.
  3. I've read up on it, but seems difficult and I'm not one to make long term things stay on track.

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  4. It's not as difficult as it sounds. And since you seem to have vivid dreams, then your already half way there.
  5. It's not as difficult as it sounds. And since you seem to have vivid dreams, then your already half way there.
  6. Do you dream when you go to bed baked? I don't. MJ shuts off the dreaming mechinisms in our brains. I have read that its not healthy to be in that condition. When I stop smoking on a t-break for a week or so, I end up having screaming nightmares. Ever been in jail and have screaming nighmares?  Not fun......
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    I've always had very good memory of dreams. Never took the time tto write them down like this.

    To be honest I've never had dreams like this when I'm baked. Been clean for about 2 weeks... & no I haven't been to Jail lol. Clean record kinda guy. Been close a few occasions but lucked out.

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