intelligent guys with a sense of humor

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  1. .. gosh i just became a member, and half you people, specifically the ones writing in philosophy are driving me crazy! gosh it never occured to me how much i truly am turned on by a smart and funny person!! no funnn when i just broke up with my dude its been a cpl weeks, :( and yall are not makin it easy on me!! stop being so damn irresistable!! please and thank you!!
  2. Stoners are very smart and creative people
  3. Indeed we are.
  4. i kno :) i want one lol

  5. It's nice to see a woman who appreciates intelligence and ambition. So many women out there care about superficial and materialistic things.

  6. correction** so many PeOpLe in general only care about superficial things
  7. show us your tits.
  8. hmm what fun would be in that? just because i posted a thread that you may percieve as desperate, doesnt mean i am actually desperate. but hey maybe if you had something intelligent to say who knows where it could go :p
  9. I can show him my man tits.
  10. Hey now... how can you just ask for tits?
    That doesn't prove authenticity, without a timestamp that is. :hello:

    To be honest though, men who smoke weed tend to be much more intelligent, especially to their drinking counterparts.

  11. mhmm :) thats why imma get me a stoner that i can later show my tits too
  12. Stoners are overrated.

    Medical patients is where its at.
  13. I would suggest to wait a bit on the showing your tits part, at least a few dates. Many stoner guy's are unreliable, especially the good-looking ones. From my personal experience anyways (so many of my dealers cheat on their girlfriends, it's odd)
  14. Not all stoners are gentlemen like me and sushi boy.
  15. haha i didnt say i was easy..
    side note.. i just lost my bowl :/ fml
  16. I broke a bowl once myself when cleaning my bong, then I got a better one.
  17. looks like i'm goin shopping :)
  18. A few months ago I lost my new bowl I just spent $60 on. :(
  19. $60? Jeez, mine only cost $10.

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