Intellectual College Stoners?

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  1. Hey, I'm going to be a senior in HS which is besides the point.. I was just wondering if you guys think it'd be possible for a smart kid (2050 sat) who also doesn't care for the whole 'super smart, study study study, get a 4.0' kid.
    Bottom line, I'm smart and I want to smoke weed but also am motivated to be a doctor. I'm not a nerd, I'm not a lazy pothead. I'm one of those intellectual, musician, determined-to-make-money stoners. I'm a 'real' guy.
    I'm sure there are more people like me, and I'm curious as to who they are and if they think it'd be possible to do the whole pre-med thing at a good Top 50 school (not ivy league, more around UCSB) that embraces or is pro-weed or just has smart stoners. What's your toke on the whole topic? Peace&Love  :smoking: 

  2. You'll definitely find stoners wherever you go to college. You'd be surprised how many "prestigious" kids smoke weed. You'll also be surprised at how man idiots smoke weed too. It's pretty funny though, my friend that is going to a four year college really tries hard to be smart. I mean she talks about how she only wants a smart guy, and is always trying to have philosophical conversations with me, but in reality she comes off as a complete moron rambling on about spirituality and bullshit that no one gets. Just don't try too hard to act all intellectual that'sthe point I'm making.

    Keep on Tokin on :)
  3. i imagine u can do it if what u study is what youre intrested in
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    One, everyone and their mother seems to want to be a doctor these days.
    Plenty of "smart" and "talented" kids get rooted out in the process.
    What you've done in your past and learned in high school means nothing. Anyone can technically do it; it really depends on how you excel and your personality. You have to start fresh, work twice as hard, and play a new game. Again, you can still do it for sure, you're just going to really need to strive for it AND excel at it. Motivation will only get your so far on the path to being a doctor. Walk the walk, talk the talk.
    I'm a Micro-Bio/Bio major, who's one Orgo class away from at least finishing the "premed requirements." 3.87 science GPA.
    Obviously I smoke weed, but as it is now, it is still technically taboo. I wouldn't utter a word or spark debates with my fellow professors, colleagues, or esteemed doctors I know as of yet. However, when I do complete medical school, I do hope to advocate for the legalization of medicinal marijuana nationwide; possibly even for recreational use as well. 
    Also, I don't know if you read the sticky threads, but one of the tips that a lot of members have said is to never let bud revolve around your life. This is especially true if you are a premed student. I rarely ever smoke during the school year at all, only breaks. I barely went to parties or frat events. You can still have social interactions and have fun, but I would put your exams number one. (I'm not saying education, I'm saying exams; because they way it is, it's about the grades and the MCAT score. The research/shadowing can be easy to find all year). I've probably smoked up every night of my summer thus far.  If you actually want to succeed  put the things that are important in your life first.
    P.S.S.S Top 50 medical schools doesn't matter. Have you ever visited a doctor, and asked him where he studied? It's all about the degree; any medical school and D.O. school should be on your radar. Unless you get into one of the TOP 10 schools, the prestige will be equivalent. 
    P.S.S.S.S The whole peace/love thing will get you laughed at all the way to the top. To advocate for stoners as a doctor, you have to present and debate things in a suit and tie.
    Good luck my friend.
    Yes, I'm sure a lot of the top colleges have plenty of potheads. I don't see why you need to be surrounded by "smart stoners"... are average people not good enough for your superior intellect? Comes off as a bit pretentious. Also, there's a difference between being smart in a general sense and being smart academically. A lot of "smart" people can be complete douchebags and morons and I'm not implying you are either of those things (after all, I don't know you).
    This pretty much seems like a love letter to yourself. If you don't think average people aren't good enough to be your friend, you have a problem. Some of my best friends fail every test they take but they're still nice and offer opinions. Imagine how little Marx would have been able to achieve if he isolated himself from the average worker?
  6. Yep. I've smoked for many years now and I started at a State University but now attend a engineering school that is within the top 50. As long as you stay motivated you can smoke all you want.
  7. This guy's spot-on.  I rarely smoked during school, got my high GPA, and now I'm smoking multiple times a week now that it's summer.

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