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  1. So my tent is finally set up and my jeans have arrived. I have 4x4x8 Vivosun tent, 2 450w LED Viparspectras, a 6"inline fan/carbon filter combo hooked to a duct that blows out of of the tent and into the room my tent is in. It seems pretty air tight cause when I zipped everything up the tent started sucking inward, there is the occasional pinhole but I'm not too worried about those. Do I need another fan to blow air back into the tent or should I just open up one of the passive intakes built into the tent... will that let smell out or will the filter suck it up before the smell gets through
  2. I will post a photo of my setup in a second
  3. As long as you have negative pressure inside the tent no smell should escape I also have a 6 in fan and I opened up all four of the vents and it still has negative pressure inside the tent. You should also think about expelling the air outside or into another room because here soon the room is going to heat up which in turn causes your tent to heat up.
  4. I'm looking into getting an A/C for the room my tent is in to control temperature, but your saying basically as long as I keep everything else zipped up and leave the 2 small passive intakes open I should be good
  5. Yes you should be good. Unless your carbon filter takes a shit make sure to always have a new one on hand
  6. I use 2 to 3 times the exhaust as passive intake. The vents in the tent work great if you don't have to worry about light leaks, but for photos I run passive ducting with 2 90 degree bends to stop light. I have 2 ducts on the bottom of the tent for fresh air below the canopy and one around mid height. Even then I still have great negative pressure. I used the bottom tent ports for the bottom ducting making it so they run half way around the bottom giving 2 bends, and the mid one uses a top port with the ducting coiled on top of the tent to stop light (like a garden hose rolled up.)
  7. Here is my current setup if you've any tips or think I should be good how it is. The fan is 440cfm

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  8. Move the lights closer and you should do good
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  9. Can you adjust your fan speed?
  10. Yea I can adjust the fan speed I have it at low and it's pretty strong, and I was gonna move my lights lower tomorrow when I get my yoyo hangers

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