Intake out take fan placement in DIY grow box

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  1. hey guys need help with ventilation. Where should I place my intake and outtake fan. I have two ipower 4 inch inline fans one hooked up to a filter the other just to bring fresh air in. My box is 4 ft tall 32 inches squared and I'll be running 150w hps and 130w cfl. I know the intake fan needs to be as low as possible but, should I put it in the front or back or does it matter? also should they be on separate sides of the box or can they be on same side?
    Thank you for any advice or help you guys can offer
  2. Intake at the bottom and exhaust at top near the bulbs. I'd try running it with just an exhaust and a passive intake first to see if that will be enough to cool it. If you run both an intake and an exhaust fan it can mess with the negative pressure in the box and make your filtering less efficient. Unless the fans are adjustable, in that case just lower the speed of the intake fan to insure that the exhaust is pulling harder and maintaining negative pressure so that no smells leak out.

    Keep in mind you have to keep intake and exhaust lightproofed.
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  3. Thank you for the comment. I started to feel like my post was lost. last night I installed exhaust fan but haven't hung the filter yet I also sealed the box and hung more reflective material. I think I'm going to set up filter,light, drill hole for the intake fan and more reflective material. Then I'll run it tonight and see how the temps and humidity do over a 24 hr period. What do you think is that a good plan

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  4. sounds good. Make sure to measure the temp up near the lights, not down on the floor. Also, shade the thermometer or it can give you a false reading. You can just wrap it in a papertowel to shade it. If all runs well you should be looking at about 5-7 degrees F over ambient temps.
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    Great tip thank you very much. These r the things I need to know to build up confidence to even start. I'm going to grow in the winter when temps are low gunna start in about 30 days growing in my garage I've been keeping a log of tempatures day to day and it's getting cooler in there.
    i originally was just going to grow with cfls but, ran across a sun system 150w hps so I'll be using that and 2 65w cfls for side lighting.
    My main concerns will be humidity and temp control at this point.
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  6. don't worry about temp and humidity,
    I use these cheap controllers, I run them in 3 different rooms, there cheap and reliable. love em!

    they have one for humidity and one for heat/cooling, very user friendly!
    Temperature Controller ITC-310T | INKBIRD

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