Insulating your grow room?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by #1Phan, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. i was wondering, would you be able to avoid getting noticed by an infa- red type of search if you had your grow room extremely well insulated and vented discretely. i mean like if you insulated the inside of the walls and then lined them with additional styrophome insulation and then your reflective material over that. i dunno it seems like if was that simple everyone would do it but does anyone have any thoughts??
  2. Hi..

    I guess my questions is in regards to 'vented discretely'. You can certainly prevent the heat from escaping from the walls and ceiling, but where/how are you going to vent it too? My other questions is - how many lights are we talking about here. I run just a couple of 400W HIDs and don't really worry about having that high of a heat signature.

    Good Luck!
  3. i was thinking somewhere along the lines of 2 600 watt hps, and as far as ventilation i was thinking about running some ductwork through the room (attached to the lights) and have the air empty into the ventilation tube for my dryer in the laundry room so it goes out the same hole as the warm air from the dryer.
  4. without a carbon filter that will make your house wreak of weed mixed with that hot air lol. you dont need to go that extreme, it is that easy, easier in fact. just run some ducting with fans and a filter, you dont need insulation unless your temps vary too much for the plants. you should be keeping the room temp at around 67, that plus the ducting moving the hot air out is more then enough to keep your paranoia/heat sig. down lol

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