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    okay, to today i snorted 1 mg of klonopin, and i didn't feel anything
    am i not doing enough? am i doing it right?

    Btw, i weigh about 100 lbs even
  2. I know oral doses are somewhere around 4-6mg's.

    Also, if you're a midget or you're extremely poor, then I'm sorry, but gain some damn weight man.

    That's all I can offer :wave:
  3. 4-6mg will put a 100 pound dude on his ass man, try like 2 or 3mg and dont snort it, its rather pointless, as benzos absorb just fine orally.
  4. ud need atleast 1.5 to feel anything. and just chew them and swallow and a half empty stomach and ull be fine.
  5. Don't snort benzos

    Especially with clonazepam, you should take it sublingually for the best effect.
  6. yeah dont snort benzos they are meant to be taken orally. swallow or let it dissolve under the tongue. 1-2mg should be a nice starter dose. 2-4mg should get you pretty good. i take 4-6mg to get high 6-12mg to get really gone but i have a tolerance to them.

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