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  1. Alright so this subforum, and people in general constantly bitch about the world. They complain about the government, how things could be better if the current government was changed, and more. People do this day in, day out hoping for some change to happen.

    But the sad truth is, people don't do anything about it; People are fully content with sitting on their computers, clacking away at their keyboards complaining as if it will change the world. But when it actually comes down to doing something, when it comes down to going to a protest, or putting your life on the line to help better the world around you; No one does anything. They sit back, hoping for someone else to come along and change things. Than they go back to clacking away, and complaining about the world's issues.

    Print out some posters, organize protests, or steal shit from the government. Don't just sit there bitching, stand up and do something.
  2. I would say the majority of ron paulites on this forum have donated time and or money to the ron paul campaign and we even had a few (on this very small politics board) who stood up and worked with the RP campaign working with delegates and what not.

    I'd also argue that out of the various groups running the Paul campaign had FAR superior grassroots presence at events and in general.
  3. Bitching about people bitching. So meta. Honestly, I think we can go deeper though. I'm sure someone will lament that I'm bitching about you bitching about people bitching. :rolleyes:

    I do plenty of things, but protesting or laying your life on the line isn't going to necessarily change anything. I can reach and influence more people on the internet than I can in person.

    'Stealing shit' is something that's exciting when you're 13 or 14, but kinda loses its allure when you can actually get put away in jail/prison (see: rape in US jails/prisons).
  4. But when people only bitch and never do anything to change the problem, it makes people happy with doing nothing. It teaches people to be ok with what's wrong, and live with it. It does not teach people to stand up for what they believe in, and make change happen.

    Oh really now? Black people in America gained their rights by standing up for their freedoms and putting their lives on the line. Just sitting there, and telling the government you'll stand back and do shit all to stop unjust bills, or actions they do does nothing.

    Sure if you walk in and steal some candy, I'm talking about theft of government intelligence silly :p Stuff that will damage the government, etc.. You have to expose the people you are fighting against, IE what Bradley Manning did; But it must be done on a larger scale and by people who aren't chicken shits. Plus in all honesty, Bradley Manning dun goof'd, he only leaked a small amount of intelligence, when he could've stayed around longer and done more damage. Besides he is going to jail for the rest of his life, might as well fuck as much shit up as possible.

    I agree with you on that part, from what I've seen Ron Paul fans have been very active about their opinions, and defending their opinions.

    What I've seen is people from other political views just bitch and moan and rarely do anything, other than submitting their vote.
  5. i saw this on a movie.. or documentary.. or video.. or something posted here on GC... really cant remember.

    anyways it said something along the lines of "People dont do anything because they like to believe tomorrow will always be the same as today".

    and when you think about it.. any time you try to motivate political activism you usually get a large portion of people with the "laws were created by much smarter men than i, so it must be correct" mindset, or they just assume youre crazy by suggesting that a high ranking politician could have ulterior motives.

  6. People are sheeple is the problem, everyone blindly follows our "choosen," leaders until the ends of the Earth. They need something to show them that the leaders are wrong, flawed, and immoral. That's where theft of government documents comes into play :p
  7. I agree, I want to do something. Something big. But forming a well armed militia and organizing an attack on dc just doesn't seem to be all that popular of an idea. :rolleyes: pussies:devious:

  8. Obvious troll is obvious.
    Try trolling elsewhere, kthxbai.

  9. :rolleyes:You obviously don't know the politics forum very well. Try again.

    I gave an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. 99% of current DC politicians are enemies to our Constitution. It is my duty to defend it. We tried it the nice way. But the establishment cheated the results, and didn't even try to hide that they cheated us in states like Maine. I have no doubt in my mind that Ron Paul won several states that he was denied those wins in by the GOP rigging the results. They won't let's take it the easy, fair way, then it's time to go the hard way. That is why the second Ammendment was written by our founding fathers.

    Protests are bullshit today, the establishment could care less. They know a few protests here and there aren't going to change a damn thing. Look at Anaheim, those people need to start arming themselves with the same gear the pigs have and start fighting them, that is the ONLY tactic that they will finally listen to. The pigs don't give a shit about the protesters, they just grab some random person from the crowd and arrest them, they have absolutely NOTHING to charge the person for, but they do it anyway. Fighting back is the only thing that will change the playing field.
  10. the day i see the american people stand up and take their country back, i shall snort an oz of dank all at once:smoke:
  11. Sadly enough, no one is avid about standing up for their beliefs or rights. Look at the Gay Rights activists I may not agree with or support all of their beliefs but that doesn't mean I don't admire their commitment to establishing their rights. I just wish the ganja smoking community would do the same, according to statistics 41% o Americans have tried the jolly green plant. Which in my thinking means well over 100 million people have broken that law if we banded together do you honestly believe they would arrest 41% of the country for a victimless crime were already 16 trillion dollars in debt as is I'm sure it would shave some of the overhead with the profit of our prison systems due to the hard labor act well if it was legalized and taxed it would shave just as much from our debt over time "the man" refuses to see things our way but, our economy would suffer with more than a third of our country in prison for smoking ganja. You never hear of anyone smoking a blunt and going on a killing spree or a flesh feeding frenzy as it is with the bath salts or the other synthetic bullshit. I smoked the legal for awhile I was addicted to the chemicals almost died I know the dangers involved with the stuff. Just smoke weed friends it's not worth dying.

    -The Pipe Guru-
  12. Whatever happened to Kony 2012 lol. Did people realize it was neocon war propoganda or what?

  13. Wow, honestly that was quite terrible. You have the attitude this thread is against. "Oh hey it's not worth dying for, so just smoke weed and be ok with everything."

    That's fucking retarded dude! The government is coming out with so much surveillence to keep the population in control, and people just sit back and have your attitude.

    10 years from now if shit doesn't change, people are going to be complaining about it. Well I'll tell you what, at that point it's too fucking late.
  14. It's called democracy. Democracy is the biggest threat to liberty. All other forms (not anarchy or ano-cap) are seen as centralized government but democracy is mistaken as liberty. It is mob rule and one in which the mob changes the rules as the majority seems fit. This strips the minority of there liberties. Your liberty in this process is for you to enjoy the right to be forced to bow to the dictates of others against your wisdom and conscious . Being forced to support things directly in conflict of ones wisdom and conscious is the directory opposite of liberty and should not be mistaken as anything else. It should be labeled for what it is. You now live under a president that was elected by only 1 out of 6 in the land , by only 1 out of 4 that was eligible to vote , and less then half of those that voted and many of those who voted for him disagree with many of his views. This illustrates how the democratic process is a far cry from guaranteeing the liberty of the people.
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    What's the difference between what anyone here does in this subforum (according to you, 'bitching') and what you're doing right now?

    The bolded is not a counterexample to what I said nor am I telling people to just sit there. Do you understand what 'necessarily' means?

    Bradley Manning is a great example of someone I don't envy. Not only is he 'going to jail for the rest of his life', he has already been tortured for many, many months at this point.

    If you want to go into the military and be a saboteur, more power to you, but I'm not willing to do that and I don't think that kind of stuff is necessary (or even helpful) to achieving freedom.

    I like your general attitude, but I don't agree with your tactics.

  16. I'm just pointing out the fact that people constantly bitch about problems, and do little to help change.

    Believe me, I've done my fair share of shit, but I can't speak of such things to many people.

  17. I have a band.

    It's all I know to do with my power. "All I can do is write about it".

    Kinda assumptive, thinking all anyone does is complain... Knowledge is, after all, half the battle.
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    Printing up leaflets that inspire/provoke the thought process, slip them into the monthly used auto magazines , real estate and/or classifieds in your area. You know, the free ones that get replenished every week.
    Try your very best to make them as professional as possible. Stay within margins, prefferably in color and on good paper/cardstock (4 leaflets per 8.5"x11" sheet). REALLY INVEST YOURSELF AND BE CREATIVE!!! Be careful as well. A cleancut appearance doesn't attract unwanted attention and leafing the free racks that are not in line of sight with a front desk, counter or cashier is best.
    Sometimes after a while, the racks will get moved inside a location, but several calls to the fire marshal explaining "the potential risks of exit blockage" in regard to said free racks might yeild positive results. Don't call on the individual locations though, make it a point to say that the ad companies need to reevaluate the locations. Broader effect that way however its a 50/50 chance; worth a shot.
    Other ideas, anyone?
    Bradley Manning is a single individual who did a heroic thing. His life may as well be over. Unfortunately, a single individual can be written off easily as a/an (place label here...nutjob, unpatriotic, turncoat, terrorist.....). However great the martyr, we can only do well to honor them by many of us taking part in small acts of agitation and civil disobedience. Sure, it may not be a huge deadly blow to the powers that be, but it serves as a reminder that ideas can be conveyed, discussed and can become public opinion. Pick whatever subject you want- pick several; we all don't have to agree, thats not the point. Through music, spoken word, flyers, protests, counterprotests......what have you, the largest threat to the powers that be is a fully awake, conscious and thinking populace.
  19. some of us are just patiently waiting...
  20. Some of us work 48 hour weeks and barely get by and do not have the luxury of standing around yelling at cops who don't give a fuck at a protest. Protesting is about getting out a message but how is it useful when the media blacks out all news of your protest? Spreading your message through the internet is a lot more efficient and productive nowadays.

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