Instantly cured my hangover

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  1. People always sit there and complain about their hangover while I just drink water and profit #wuthangoverbrah$$$ #coolstoryrite

  2. I bowl of chron while double fisting a Gatorade and nalgene serves me good after a night of drunken debauchery.
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    Bud might help with the zombie hangover and the H20 cures the headache. Literally as soon as I drank the first cup of water my headache went away. Just left with a spacey after-drunk feeling.
  4. so glad I don't drink.
  5. My morning-after routine is a Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel, with a little bit of hot sauce, and plenty of water.  
  6. Treatment: Wake up, eat food, and drink water to power through your hangover.
    Cure: Smoke weed, sleep through the hangover, wake up to sunshine and rainbows at 2 pm....???, profit. 
  7. I'm freakin spaced out right now though, like I still would not want to drive a car and it's been almost 12 hours since.
  8. Ugh hangovers... i only drink maybe once or twice a year...sent from underneath my balls
  9. A gallon of water and some Wendy's and I'm good. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. going snowboarding snaps you out of a hangover like nothingive ever experienced, its fuckin mental, get off the lift absolutely sick as a dog, bomb down one run, human again
  11. Water, weed, food is all you need. I also chug a shit load of water before I go to sleep too.Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  12. Just wake up bake up then knock out again the more sleep the better lolSent from my SPH-L710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. I am drunk right now at home, but I don't care right now... I quit smoking for a while, so here's to drinking I guess :/
  14. startin early eh?

    if i'm hungover i'll drink water eat food and smoke a bowl, still feeling like shit? drink a beer, hair of the dogg babbyy

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  15. Yea, I am. I'm actually kinda depressed right now for other reasons I don't want to talk about. But, I like being on GC and talking to you guys so it's making it a bit better.
  16. hey keep yo head up, glad we can be here to help.

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  17. i stopped drinking completely for a long time because of insane hangovers. i still only rarely get drunk.
  18. Thanks!

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