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Instant Sobriety?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Generic_User645, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. So, i was high and really buzzing and had been for about 110 minutes then after staring into space for a few minutes (still really feeling it) i prepare myself to move, and as soon as i move my head i am completely normal! It happened instantly! I thought it could be playing tricks on me, but no. I just got up, looked around and confirmed my sobriety and went on my way. Does/has this happen(ed) to anyone else?

    And while i am here, in order to prevent making another thread, i just need the best bong i can quickly make from household objects. Thanks.
  2. Gatorade bottles.
  3. can't comment on the first part but:

    2 liter bottle, 3/16ths socket, take the lid from the 2 liter bottle, burn a small hole in it, work the socket into the hole for a tight fit, fill your sink (or 5 gallon bucket, anything that can hold the 2 liter bottle) with water, cut out the bottom of the 2 liter, sumberse it, screw on the lid and fill with weed, light the lighter on the weed while pulling up, it will suck the smoke into the 2 liter, pull it till its 95% outta the water, then take off the lid, wrap your lips around the bottle, and suck down the smoke. It'lll hit ya FAST.
  4. GBs are the shit
  5. I know one thing that gives you instant sobriety: Getting pulled over. But that's another story. As for a homemade piece, the gravity bong mentioned above will work nicely.
  6. It doesn't really happen like that unless your body releases adrenaline. I mean its just not really physically plausible, but I suppose it is mentally.
  7. i once put a wet towel over my face for about 5 min after i smoked a bowl and when i took it off i was sober
  8. I can bring myself to sobriety pretty much any time I need. It comes with experience.
  9. for some reason i cant make a decent GB everytime i make one even when its airtight when i light the bowl no smoke comes for sum reson the weed just barely burns idk why haa? :confused:

  10. Seemslike you were woken up from something you didnt remmeber. Or you fell asleep.

  11. No, i was just sitting with my friend, waiting for a pickup, chilled out and then BOOM : sober. :confused:
  12. yeah man you are packing the bowl to tight and it isnt getting an airflow to the weed.. happened to me once.. i cleaned it all out and packed it a little looser.. instant fix

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