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Instant Ashtray

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hashaman, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Afternoon fellow blades. Ever have so many people puffing at your place that you find yourself in need of extra ashtrays? Or be in a circle so big that by the time the blunt gets to the other side of the room it needs to be ashed again? Yeah, that shit sucks. Stoners, I introduce you to the Instant Ashtray:


    It comes in real handy in all sorts of situations, especially being too cheap to own a real ashtray. Er, one second... *bubble bubble...* Ahhh... now where were we? Ah yes, here's how you can make one yourself:

    Materials needed
    An empty cigarette box and some scissors if you want.

    Step 1
    Tear out any foil lining and the cardboard glued to the inside of the front of the box.

    Step 2
    On the side the flap is connected to, cut or tear along the sides of the pack.

    Step 3
    Unfold the box like this.

    Step 4
    Fold it over like this.

    Step 5
    Crease the other side of the cardboard along the same line as the bottom of the box.

    Step 6
    Cut or tear off the wings on the sides at the top of the box.

    Step 7
    Hold together the crease from the bottom of the box and the crease you made, and fold the flap on the bottom of the side into there.

    Step 8
    Fold in the other side.

    Finished product
    Fold the cardboard with the flap over until it covers the exposed side of the box.

    And now you have another ashtray! You can let cigarettes sit and burn in it and it won't catch on fire, but the bottom might get hot enough to slightly burn whatever it's resting on, so try to keep them on the ground or inflammable surfaces or just hold it. Well my fellow blades, I hope this helps end your ashing inconveniences. 'Til next time, keep blazin' :smoke:
  2. Cool stuff man. I just made one and it works nice. It will probably come in handy one day. +rep
  3. i make my own ashtrays too

    step 1. go to drink cupboard and get a plastic beaker
    step 2. smoke
  4. Doesnt work on Camel boxes. The small flaps on the bottom corner are on a different side. I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, when I realized the box was different.
  5. But you don't have to wash these out afterwards ;) You're recycling something that would otherwise be trash, creating less trash in the process.

    I know it works on Camel Wides, Filters, and Filter Lights. It doesn't work on Marlboro 72s. Cigarette packs that are two rows of ten (instead of three of 7-6-7) work especially well.
  6. Thats a pretty cool idea. +rep
  7. my carpet is my ashtray alot of the time. hahaha but i vacuum it often so its all good.

    i live in a hippy house so i mean, were smoking everywhere throughout the house, ashes everywhere
  8. I ash on my pants a lot.. it brushes right in and then you can wipe it all off.
  9. My floor usually becomes an instant ashtray...

    Yours is cool though, +rep for taking the time to take pictures and such
  10. Great idea, +rep for smoking the smooths too.
  11. Awesome little trick Hashaman. Thanks for not calling me an ass when I kept failing and doing it backwards. Rest assured posters, when you know this trick, it can come in handy a lot. Keeps my van carpeting ash free, and makes that empty spot on my bookshelf look that much more supportive of the brand of cigarettes I purchased.
  12. Very Cool!

    I love the idea.

    Keep Token!
  13. If we only had more stoners in the world we would have alot cooler stuff.
  14. Good idea if ever needed. Personally I just use an empty can or something, like if I have a soda or beer can sitting around. But I like this idea better, a little more work, but its pretty cool.
  15. Yo, this crackhead told me once that crackheads use the foil on the inside of a pack of cigarettes to smoke their crack when they aint got a pipe... lol
  16. I'm pretty sure itd be easier to find a place like a can or somethin than doin oragami n makin one of those imho
  17. that was an awesome idea. +rep for the idea and the simple step by step instructions. i also found out that if you save the foil from inside the box you can stuff it back in the finished ashtray and prevent a cigarette, and or joint from burning through. :smoke:
  18. yeah dude, awsome. +rep, I just got done with a pack of the same cigarettes, damn, i can't find that empty pack, and i mostly smoke camals, and like that other guy said, it doesn't work with camals. DAMN
  19. Sweet! I made one. Cool idea dude +rep
  20. Good contribution to the city man even though I dont smoke cigs and nor do my friends +rep

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