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  1. was up board I need some help once again not really a hard one this time pretty easy well anyways heres the setup I got a inline duct 449cm(inches) and put it in as my exhaust fan(on the top left corner) for a 400 watt HPS well you for those who made this mistake it wont work out so I purchased a vortex gonna place it where I use to have the inline but I read somewhere its good to have 2 exhaust systems in and out so I plan on putting the inline as my in on the bottom left so my real question is there any type of power tool that precisely cuts 449cm(6inches) or anything that will make my job easier cause for my first whole I had to use a wood saw and a drill and it was not fun at all please help thx MRT:smoking:
  2. they make hole saws that you stick on your drill. buy a 6" one and you're good to go.
  3. You can get a 6" hole saw at Home Depot for about $35 I believe. But for the same or less money I suggest you think about a simple jigsaw. True, the hole you cut will only be as precise as your hand is steady, but you can caulk up the hole if it needs it and the jigsaw is so much more versatile for cutting any size hole or many other small-job cuts. I got one and cut six 6" holes (my exhaust runs up through the inside of a kitchen-style cabinet in the garage and then through the ceiling into the attic), two 4" holes in the cab floor for intake, numerous other holes when I was trying to get my cab right, multiple 2x2s and plywood boards to build the cab, on and on.

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