Installing an HP Printer

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  1. It's absolutely baffling to me that an HP Computer will not
    install an HP Printer automatically.


    I had to manually install the fucker. What a pain in the ass.
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  2. That's what I miss about XP. All you had to do was plug it in and it said "New printer found. Would you like to install it?"
    Click the icon and go pour yourself a cup of coffee.
    But with Windows 10 I can't do anything without one of my kids. Even with all these wireless features, you still have to go back to Windows 95 methods of installation. Sometimes I think it would be easier to go back to typing commands in DOS on a 386. Remember when you had to take a class?
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  3. Have you searched the Youtube?
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    When I bought an HP printer and faced issues, I addressed hewlett packard customer service via this site. They turned out to be helpful. But I consider myself to be tech savvy, that's why I didn't find the solution by myself.
  5. I subscribed to the Instant Ink program with my HP printer, but didn't like the program and they don't make it easy to cancel.
  6. Windows 10 sucks and so does HP with all their installation apps. If I could find a free XP download I would erase 10

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  7. Amazing. Guessing OP got rid of that printer. A random thread from 2019 with 2 posts gets 4 more this week! Make mine 5!
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