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  1. we had to cut a foot x foot square in my wall when i was like 10 so i could crawl through and grab a coax cable for my tv in my room. its a fairly small area, but just big enough to grow in..the problem is theres installation on the ceiling of the secret little room, and on the floor.

    i wanna grow in there because its PERFECT...except im really worried about a fire or anything

    any suggestions or advice..should i do it or no?
  2. How nice...

    Growing in your parents' house, can't see an obvious fire trap in front of your face, begging for rep points, and spam content to boot!

    Don't do it.
  3. first of all its Insulation not Installation (it insulates from Heat getting into the house or heat getting out in winter) Depending on the age of the home the Insulation should be fireproof (check to see if its Pink Panther) you should be able to read the lable on the brown backing if its fire retardant or not, it should be if the house meets code.

    But ya dont grow in your parents house.

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