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  1. I finally picked myself up a grow light. I've got a problem though. Is there something I can buy or something I can do so I can plug it in?? I can't get power to the damn thing...

    It says it's designed for use in a circuit. Can I not just plug it into the wall. I don't mind if I have to spend a few more dollars I just want to get this shit running. It says supply wires of house wires will extend from JUNCTION BOX located in the ceiling. wtf i'm lost.

    The light holder thing is a 34-40 watt T-12 48" Strip and the bulb is a 48" 40 watt plant and aquarium bulb. I knew it was the right one cause it said plant. Hehe, how smart.

    Can somebody please help me??

    There's a couple pics of it in my grow journal
  2. So no one can help me?
  3. im not to familiar with growingand im not to sure how many growers are on here but i do happen to know one. He got me into growing so i am an amateur. go to and see if they have any info and if u need any equipment then try (banner on overgrow). they have lots of items and there is at least a 95% chance they have what u need. good luck and thats all the help i can offer. let me know how it goes.
  4. See the reply in your grow journal.

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