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    A Inspirational Speech that was made before obama got elected. This is mostly to show these liberals that the election of obama is not what started the tea party. This speech shows that many of the feelings behind the tea party have been brewing for quite a while even b4 the 08 election. Feel free to share your thoughts.

    [ame=]YouTube - The Second American Revolution[/ame]
  2. Obama doesn't like that type of speech at all. Thats why he summoned him to the White House and told him to shut the hell up or die from "natural causes"

  3. Another good video....

    [ame=]YouTube - America in distress, a call to Arms[/ame]

    This guy was recently busted under charges of Child Molestion and for stealing an 40mm grenade launcher from the military.

    The Jury in the Federal case (stolen 40mm grenade launcher) found him not guilty. The trial on the child molestion charges is still coming up. I presume he won't be found guilty. Most likely it was a warning to be silent and decease from expressing your 1st amendment rights

  4. Ironic, the government acts to prevent revolution and the population revolts.

    Ooooh, now it all makes sense. The shot heard round the world...

    I dunno about you guys but I'm down to prevent war.
  5. So do you believe that in order to stop a populist uprising based on reason you would eliminate their natural rights of freedom of speech?

    How far would your prevention go? would assassination of American citizens before they received due process be fair game? :confused:

  6. Where has this happened? You've presented 'unconfirmed reports' and made extraneous assertions.

    If they're trying to censor him....why is the video still up? :confused:

    The CIA killing people is nothing new. However if they're on a mission to silence incitement of revolution, or exposure of conspiracies, or if they're out to silence free speech, they're doing a pretty terrible job.

    If that were the case Glen Beck would've been dead a long time ago. :p
  7. Yes, I did make extraneous assertions about him being threatened with death by "natural causes" since neither soul will not tell what was said in that meeting. Many people have uploaded that video and if it disappeared from all youtube accounts it would cause one of those crazy internet conspiracies.

    I would think, that after receiving millions of hits on 2 youtube videos that Bob Basso would realize that people like his message and continue making political messages on the net. But for some reason after his meeting at the White House his short lived internet fame was stopped. Would it because Bob Basso doesn't believe the message he is spreading is true or that he doesn't like fame? I highly doubt it.

    The C.I.A. rarely stops revolutions but rather props them up :D
  8. Precisely. ;)
  9. The C.I.A. wouldn't be supporting a revolution based off this man though. ;)

    [ame=]YouTube - Ron Paul "WE NEED TO TAKE OUT THE CIA"[/ame]

    But why do you think Bob Basso stopped his political message on youtube? Is he an actor that doesn't like fame or that Obama threatened him in that white house meeting?

  10. werent you the one blowing che guevara in that thread for what an inspirational revolutionary he was?
  11. I'm sorry, but the video in the OP is stupid. Diversity is a good thing. He wants to impose conformity of what he sees as American on everyone else. When people start saying shit like this, and they support the Tea Party, it begins to make me question whether those talking heads on MSNBC are right about the Tea Party and racism?

    You can still be diverse and not politically correct. You can still be 'united' and not be politically correct. There's just too many things wrong with this video.

    Multiculturalism is bad.... but it's also what made this country great. Sorry, can't have your cake and eat it, too.
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    That's why basing violence off of unverified speculation can be dangerous. He just said the CIA is a government unto itself, why would they give a fuck about America if they're a separate entity in disguise and revolution creates profit?
    As I still haven't seen any evidence of that meeting taking place I have to assume it could be for any reason. Maybe he got a clue. :p

    The way these people use the slogan 'take our country back' I get the feeling they think they're superior to rest of the country, or that they somehow don't play a part in everything they have a problem with. It's as though they've been afflicted by some egregious act perpetrated by the opposite political spectrum and their lively hoods are in danger, yet they somehow have the luxury of sitting at home, playing dress-up, and making YouTube videos about the country they 'lost'. :confused: It's almost like they think they're special or different. But I don't think they are, and I don't think they're as observant as they think they are either.

    So let's revolt and tear it all down to build it up again to what it is now..

    Interesting terminology. Aren't you the homophobe? :p

    I was explaining why people admire him. I don't believe I ever said I really cared about him, in fact I think I said something along the lines of 'I don't give a fuck about him' or something similar.

    Even if I did admire him (which I do admire aspects of him) I don't have to apply his philosophy to our country's current situation.
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    I think you might be a bit confuse as to the intent of his speech. He is not saying to forget your former culture is is saying to blend it and yourself into the American culture. What he is getting at is how people from around the world come to this country but instead of living as a Americans they create sub-communities/sub-cultures that are almost exact copies of the countries they left. He is not telling us to forget our former home countries he is telling us to embrace our new home country. The language thing makes the most sense because we should all speak a common language that way we can communicate with each other that way we can live and work together as a single people American people. It shouldn't matter to you that I am cuban it shouldn't matter to me that ure indian just like it shouldn't matter to ether of us that the guy up the road is mexican etc... because we are all Americans now. Basically he is talking about unity/togetherness as a single people regardless of our backgrounds/where we came from.
  14. Hey I have one of those blue uniforms!
  15. That's all fine and dandy, but every cultural group who has 'moved' into the United States has done the same thing. People naturally stick with people who they can relate to. The Italians, the Germans, the Polish, the Irish, etc., they've ALL stuck together. This is not a new phenomenon, as the author of that video implies. It's been going on since this country was founded.

    I still think the video is dumb and serves no real purpose, other than to massage some deluded view of 'patriotism'. I can agree that it's stupid that we have to call every sub-group of Americans as ______-American. That's a political correctness issue, not a multiculturalism issue.
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    I cant see what the problem is in being proud of your heritage..

    As Kylesa points out above Irish, Polish, Italians, Mexicans etc tend to stick together in the US and this is natural. You are naturally drawn to people who share your culture etc..

    In Ireland we have a lot of Americans who work for large US companies that have set up here. Most of these Americans fly the US flag outside their house all year round and celebrate the 4th of July and thanksgiving with large parties etc..
    Even the local bars and restaurants get in on the act and for the big US holidays you see the US flag etc everywhere..

    One of my friends who was born in Ireland to an American family identifies himself as an American and not Irish. He wears US baseball and football shirts all the time and is way more American than Irish.
    Nobody gives a shit here and he is even known as "the yank"... :)

    Americans stick together abroad like other cultures stick together in the US.
    Nobody should have a problem with this. Its natural.

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