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    So about 6 months back I stumbled onto the wonderful world of growing/horticulture what ever you want to call it. I set up a small stealth grow in a rubbermaid container and went to town. Well for multiple reasons, time being the big one, the plants ended up getting basically dried while still in the ground. I was a bit sad but sort of knew it was coming (they had an iron def as well). Either way I decided if I was going to do this I would go about it the correct way. I went out stupidly and bought a 400 watt HPS light and some dry ducting thinking I would convert a smallish dresser and that would be stealth grow. Oops didn't even consider the fact it might be a bit hot. That was nearly 2 months ago and about 20 ideas ago. And have since gotten my temperatures down to the 78-86 range.

    The Loot Summary-
    After spending the $500 dollar limit I first put myself I am decently happy with my current set up.
    I have a 25X36X60 space set up with Panda film,
    My little 400 watt ballast and reflector with glass enclosure,
    A 165 CFM 4" Inline Fan,
    Two 80 cfm pc fans for intake and two for exhaust,
    And a few home made DIY scrubbers.
    When you add up everything it doesn't seem like I really purchased much but the work involved is where the real investment began.
    I ended up learning so much from GC and a VERY helpful guy that works at my local hydroponics store. He even offered that I could bring in plants or pictures if I ever needed his help with anything. Haha.
    Anyways on to the journal after all that fun setup!
    I went with 3 different strains as I want to just see which ones I like. I also knew I would get a few free seeds with the purchase and one of them interested me.

    Line up-
    5 days old in the attached pictures.
    Advanced Seeds - Black Diesel
    Barney's Farm - L.S.D.
    CH9 - Jack 33
    Lowryder or Joint Doc - Sour Diesel

    I can not say how frequent I will update with pictures, but I will try to update text wise any time anyone has questions, comments, or concerns.

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  2. looks good, will keep an eye on what you got going. Like they say Marijuana is not addictive, the growing of it is

  3. Thanks a lot. A lot of people tell me that but I have an addictive personality anyway. Haha :) So I guess I am double boned!

    I just looked and didn't say a word about my soil. My most sincere apologies. I am currently using 3 gallon bags with 3" of Fox Farm Light Warrior on the top, about 4" down a mix of around 60/40 FF Ocean Floor/Light Warrior, then just straight Ocean Floor. I did this as everyone tells me OF runs really hot. I have nute burned before and that scares me. So I figured I would rather run safer than sorry.
  4. Was reading sg1's thread as usual and saw yr post,so i may sub along awhile and see how your grow does.Its cool to watch them grow for sure.

  5. Glad to have you along for the ride. Any questions concerns comments are always welcome :)
  6. Just a picture update. These were taken about 5 hours from the start of week 1 in the soil. :)
    Picture order will be left to right, the same as the line up, and will be for the rest of the journal.

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  7. These girls are getting big. I have decided every 2 or 3 days to post my pictures. I have been keeping almost daily photos for myself. I also am looking at this as a reminder of how amazing this plant really can be :) Start of day 9.

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  8. :wave:Here I am:wave:

  9. :hello: Heya buddy! Very glad to know that I have your eyes on my plants. I feel so much more at ease now :smoke:
  10. So here are some pictures start of day 11. Growing so quick :smoke:
    Just as an order recap....
    Advanced Seeds - Black Diesel
    Barney's Farm - L.S.D.
    CH9 - Jack 33
    Lowryder or Joint Doc - Sour Diesel

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  11. I can tell they are growing some.keep at it!
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    So its picture update day. This will be day 13 Hope everyone enjoys the pictures :smoke:

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  13. what kind of nutrients are you using?
  14. Shouldn't be using any for at least 2-3 more weeks.
    That's alot of soil for those tiny babies to spend up.

  15. None. Its just the soil and a whole bunch of patience. :D
  16. Well just a small update. I trimmed up the bag pot a bit to allow more light into the under canopy. Lets just say they liked :D
  17. Day 16 Not much to update. Just some pics. :smoke:

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  18. They are looking great,keep em growing!
  19. Did notice just a small amount of yellowing on one of the tips of the leaves on the first pic. Also a bit on a lower leaf on the 3rd picture. Not stressing out though, because they are still getting amazing growth. Would that be a normal thing this early in the grow? Wanting to catch anything before it becomes a serious issue.
    Not sure if this is important but their soil is retaining a lot of water so I haven't given them any water in 5 days now. Pots still feel pretty heavy and soil feels moist about 3 inches down still.
  20. Yellowing is from over watering.Watch to see if it starts to spread,you will have to repot it...if the yellowing dont spread,yr ok..

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