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  1. So, blades. I've always been good at creative writing (or atleast i like to think i am :p)
    I've recently had the urge to write a short story(s), but the thing is, i've no insparation.
    This is why i have come to you, fellow stoners, on a quest for ideas and insparation.

    It dosnt really have to b anything specific, aslong as its not a romance and aslong as it features atleast some violence/action.

    Mabye something with nihilistic/pesimisic theme, mabye the main protagonist is a nihilistic, reclusive wanker of some sort.

    fire away!
  2. Things to consider:

    1.) Spelling. It's important. Inspiration, pessimistic, maybe.
    2.) Correct punctuation and grammar, i.e. spacing "As long as"
    3.) So far, you've determined you want to write something with nihilism and violence. Zombies and zombie-themed shows, movies, and video games seem popular these days. Don't do zombies.

    I know half of the people here don't give two shits about spelling, but if you want to be taken as serious as you want to be with these short stories, you should consider using spell-check. Plus, it won't leave the reader having to try to make sense of a misspelled word, which diminishes their confidence in you to write something entertaining to them.
  3. Present day.
    Out of nowhere, the planet is evacuated. People are forced into strange shuttle craft by stone faced men in haz-mat suits.

    Main character is a christian monk who left his family behind in Missouri after dedicating his life to the worship and study of his god.

    On the craft, people are informed that they have plenty of supplies, enough for years, but no set destination.

    Details are up to you. And, go.
  4. Yeah man, i know this will (probably) sound like a lame excuse, but i was (and am) on a 10" netbook. I'v written plenty (mainly just in school) and i can write and punctuate properly. Also, i didn't mean a really violent zombie kill fest, im not that idiotic haha., i just meant with a little action (not jean claude van damn shot in the head 20 times and live- type action,)
  5. Thanks man, that's acctully pretty cool. Im not going to get started on it today, i'll probably just write out a plan of some sort and gt started on t later tonight or tomorow.
  6. Man's wife just died.
    After loathing and mourning for a few months, he decides to take a trip.
    You decide the destinations.
    The last place involves a place in the desert where he meets a native american.
    He discusses his misfortune with the NA, and the NA supplies wisdom.
    Car crash happens on trip home.
    The man begins to be paranoid he's suffering from consequences.
    You create what he's afraid he's suffering because of.
    End it explaining that consequences are an illusion and that nature works in mysterious ways.

    Idk if this sounds interesting? I'm pretty stoned and just making shit up. lol
  7. How well do you know the structure of a short story and do you have any favorites? I love short stories but never have written one, and I dont totally remember how they are usually structured. I think I remember "The lottery" being a good one.
  8. Ive enjoy reading alot, bt i havnt read many short storys (Only novels). Although out of the few i've read, 'Hop Frog' by edgar llen poe is my favourite.
  9. There's a scene in the movie Tombstone where Wyatt Earp buys this casino, and there's this asshole who keeps cheating at cards, swears, threatens customers, driving away all business. So Wyatt kicks his ass out, and the casino flourishes.

    Imagine that story in a medieval English pub, there's an Ogre who sits in the back of the pub, terrorizes everyone, no one can get a beer, the ogre drinks it walks a small man, all he wants is his beer, he defeats the ogre, outsmarts him, kills him, whatever, and finally gets the beer he had long been wanting. You fill in all the details to make it awesome.

    Ogre in the Pub.

    Run with it!!!!!!!
  10. ...Thats really good acctually haha, seems like thered be room to add a little humour in there aswell. Thanks man!

  11. No prob!
  12. free writing. get a piece of paper, writing tool of choice and just write. thats what i do. just free flow with no point at all. should go with out saying, but get stoned before you start.

    another suggestion (and this is what i do): carry a small pocket notebook and pen where ever you go and everytime you think of something, write that shit down. ive got half a dozen of such notebooks in a little box in my closest filled with just that. theres at least one whole movie script in there for a fact.
  13. how about a whale that learns how to fly
  14. are you looking for book recommendations?
  15. How about a story about a pornstar who contracts HIV and knowingly spreads it amongst the community. It could be called HIV and let HIV.
  16. Thanks guys, i appreciate the elp.

    But, i think i have an idea.

    This cme to me in a dream and while i was stoned

    new york is ovrpopulated
    disease spreapds trough all the 'slums' (where the >wealthy class lives)
    The constant disease and law-less-ness (like the favellas, lots of crmime but cops dont care) means pople are constantly being killed, whether from disease, crime or drugs
    A boy/girl, whos father is a rather important business man, lives in a 1 stroy flat ith his mother (all even the welthier people can afford)
    Due to his father striking ill (after whoring out a poor hooker) he and his mother lose all their money. Mother leaves to somehwere (unknown yet) and kid is forced to fend for himself in the slums
    few days pass, with him learning about his new life
    group of thugs kills his two friends, he flees
    He ends up finding a man, leavin to the hills.

    hat do you think? ill revise it when im not stoned

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