Insomniacs unite

Discussion in 'General' started by thelizardkin, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. This place is dead at night so I thought I would get a thread going where those with sleeping disorders can come to talk so are there any other blades out there who have trouble sleeping personally I have delayed sleep phase disorder most nights I can't sleep till 5-7am these days it's ruining my life I normally sleep in past 4 does anyone have any tips to help
  2. I have horrible insomnia, I usually drink zzzquil robatussin or NyQuil to fall asleep. I also have a big bottle of promethezine that I like to slap on my blunts and cigarettes to help me pass out

  3. What time do you normally get to sleep? personally I can't stand sitting in bed for a few hours in total darkness unable to sleep
  4. I'm meta-insomniac status. I live where night is day and day is night so this thread will be really dead for me.

  5. Australia? And what's your sleep schedule like
  6. I usually get to sleep around 6 AM and I wake up at 10 or 11

  7. You're kinda lucky I can't not getting enough sleep I can't wake up before 12 anymore and most of the time it's 4pm-6pm it's literarily ruining my life I had to drop out of school because I couldn't get up in time and in the past I've made less than 50% of my classes beacuse of it
  8. I've had chronic insomnia for 25 years or so. I used OTCs until they were no longer effective. Big problem with them was I couldn't keep my eyes open the next day. Whiskey wasn't the answer either, I would pass out but wake up in a few hours.

    The GF I had in '04 gave me an Ambien to try and it worked great, so I got a script from my doc. They worked good until earlier this year, so doc switched me to Lunesta which are working good. Neither med has any side effects (for me).

  9. I've tried trazidone, ambien, melatonin and over the counter sleeping pills the only one to work was ambien but if I stayed up it almost was like I was super drug the way I'd describe it is I was aware what was happening but I couldn't control myself
  10. i was up till 2:30 last night. Where were u ?

  11. Reading but it's 9am here and I'm still up I'm trying to stay up all night so I can do things
  12. Usually can't fall asleep until around 5/6AM. It's not that bad on weekends but during the week it's really annoying.

    It's not that I'm not tired. I'm fucking exhausted. I just can never seem to nod off, I lie there with my eyes closed and nothing happens. I just think about random stuff and keep rolling over.

    Worse thing is I LOVE sleep. It's more addictive than heroin.
  13. You're not supposed to stay up!

    Lunesta left me a bit foggy the next morning when I first started taking it, but after a couple of weeks it no longer did. This is not uncommon for any drug.

    IMO, go back to your doc. Self-medicating for something like this is a waste of time, at least in my case.
  14. I don't agree with this rule but I think u can't talk about other drugs here. :(
  15. I usually stay up unable to sleep untill around 4ish, then id get up about 2-3pm
    So what i did was stay up all night, stay up all day the next then get in bed, open the window and sleep at about 9pm, but get up about 6-7 and get some food, if you dont eat for something like 48 hours then when you do eat after sleeping it kinda re-wires your brain into what time breakfast is or something like that

    p.s this post will make no sense, but it feels like some advanced stuff when im thinking of it, im so baked right now
  16. Heh, you're right, even prescription drugs for legitimate medical problems.

    I didn't even think about it. :(
  17. I've found that turning off the laptop at least 2 hours before attempting to sleep helped me. If I turn the TV on right before bed, I'll make sure it's something I've seen before and don't have to pay attention or baseball.
  18. I feel so alone most people just think I'm lazy or faking it but I'm not and if I hear someone say to try to get to sleep earlier one more god damn time I'm gong to lose it

  19. I've tried that but end up playing on my phone after a few hours of laying in bed
  20. Up until the last week I would fall asleep around 4 and either sleep late or wake up exhausted when I have to do something in the morning. But lately I've been going to bed around 12 and waking up around 8 but I wake up CONSTANTLY through out the night and it's really annoying. I'm going to be switiching back to melatonin so I can sleep through the night.

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