Insomniac in Amsterdam

Discussion in 'General' started by grim grin, May 30, 2003.

  1. Did anyone else watch Dave visit that coffee house? He went straight for the AK-47. My kinda guy.
  2. im watching it right now.. think he actually smoked? i want some ak47.. that dude that drank the guiness was funny, lol. amsterdam is such a cool town.

  3. i wish i got high like that. btw the joint he bought was sitting on the table un-lit when he blew out smoke.
  4. yea i doubt he smoked it cause it said 11:56 and then has was at a bar at 12:19 and not high at all. but anyway it was a cool ass show
  5. that was the only good part of the show, so disappointed >_<

  6. i dunno i thought it was good, but now im pissed cause i know he didn't smoke it.,
  7. Whether he smoked it or not it was still a good part of the episode. Wasn't that employee from New Jersey or somewhere? Dam he's lucky.
  8. Rhoad Island.. and he couldn't really smoke it, it was still really early (like 12) and theres no way a lightweight would be able to tape a show all fucked up off AK's.

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