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  1. Any other blades out there with insomnia? IT sucks balls. Usually I just take a bong hit before bed, but I'm dry. Instead its 4 am and I can't sleep for shit.
  2. not sure If I would qualify for medical Insomnia but I have some real troubles sleeping. I went on a cruise last month and it kicked my sleep cycle back to normal...going to bed at 10 and waking up at 8. It lasted about three weeks when I got home but now I am back to not falling asleep to 5 in the morning and waking around noon. I can't stand it but also can't help it. I just don't fall asleep, I have tried Ambien but it really hasn't worked well for me.
  3. i really have no problem sleeping but i tend to stay up ridiculously late for no reason at all. cool.
  4. kush.

  5. Insomnia? No.

    Adderall? Yes.
  6. I only get insomnia if I take a sudden break after a lot of daily smoking. 3 am is definitely the longest hour of the day.

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