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  1. cant sleep.... its about 4:12 AM in new york and i still can not go to sleep.... fucking hate this shit i got class at 8 and ive been trying to sleep only to get angry and frustrated with myself... smoking a cig now but really dreading class
  2. someone on these forums told me about melatonin (You can get it at like GNC for 5 bucks) and its works awesome the past couple nights.. been sleeping like a baby
  3. 4:17am in CT.. prolly not gonna sleep tonight
  4. i feel u. i cant sleep for shit. if any of u know of sum other non-presc. meds that knock u out PLEZE let me know
  5. Tylenol pm dude

    I can even get to sleep with a few of these after a night of geekin..
    bout to take some now fo sho
  6. so you cant sleep, and you decide to get up, turn on the computer and post it to us?

    smoke a bowl in 10 minutes then jump in the sack:smoking: or stay up all night and drink lotsa coffee.
  7. this probably doesnt help much cuz its prescription, but i used to take trazodone for sleep. i dont anymore though cuz i dont like how it makes me feel.
  8. 6mg Melatonin- get it OTC at the pharmacy
  9. isn't that what heath ledger OD on?

  10. yes this, what I was talking about
  11. yo dude i know where you're coming from, i have maor sleep problems too, im trying my best to get a green card for it

    but you could try using melatonin, but after a bit it starts to give you nightmares

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