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  1. Hi, very new to medical marijuana. I have been using to combat insomnia and have found good strains and what not. Problem is that I find sometimes I wake up feeling awful. I’m thinking I’ve just done to much when I don’t feel well. But then again I’m yet to wake feeling good and refreshed. So question is how medicated do you need to be for sleep? When I vaporize less at bedtime I find I wake in the middle of the night and need to do more to keep sleeping. When I vaporize more at bedtime I find I can sleep through most of the night but I wake feeling awful. I use a firefly 2 @ 205*c or 400*f. Any suggestions?


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  2. You need a strong indica edible
  3. I’m in Canada. All I can buy with my prescription is flower and oil.

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  4. You can make a fast potent edible from small amounts of flower: 1. Decarb @ 240 F for40 min 2. Grind to fine powder. 3. Mix with nut butter/nutella
    You can try this with 1/2 - 1 gram, which will blow most people away for 4 - 8 hrs. There will be herb taste, and whole herb can bother tummies
  5. That sounds great but unfortunately it’s not an option for me.

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  6. Use your oil to make an edible. Check out the edibles forum
  7. I was told by my lp that the oil can only be orally ingested. It’s already mixed with grape seed oil as a carrier.

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  8. To make an edible, like say a brownie or a cookie, you must infuse an oil and then use that to cook with. You bought the oil already infused, you're good to go
  9. Oil infusion is unnecessary.
    I make edibles using decarbed herb powder, and they are as strong as anything else made from the same amount of original herb.
    I do mix the herb powder into the oil of the recipe, but it takes no infusion time.

    The main reason people infuse oil, while wasting herb to the straining process, is to remove the slight herb taste and possible stomach upset.
    For some people, the loss of potency to get better flavor and less chance of stomach upset is worth it; to others it isn't.
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    I'm def not a fan of the GI problems I get from the addition of the flower.

    Plus the OP said this to your idea a few post back:
  11. There are several tips that can help address insomnia, so that you can start experiencing that clean, fresh-start feeling once again.:)
    1. Your electronic devices need to be off and out of sight. Not only do they remind us of work and unfinished business, but even the small blinking lights on a dvd player or the numbers on a digital clock can affect your quality of sleep. The EMFs and RFs the devices emit can also interfere with deep sleep. Make your room as device-free as possible.
    2. Get blackout curtains. Streetlights and car lights can also confuse your brain and affect the amount of melatonin produced. (Melatonin is the hormone that regulates your sleep/wake cycles.) Make sure your room is dark.
    3. Invest in a nice, soft comfy pillow and mattress (here are some useful reviews Best mattress in UK Reviews of 2017 – find the best one – find the best one
    4. Get some more magnesium in your diet. Many swear by it! You can find it in foods like spinach, chard, yogurt and black beans. You can also buy it in spray form and give yourself a squirt or two before bed. Tweak your diet.
    Sweet dreams, all!:wave:
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  12. You can try to degrade some of the THC to CBN in your store oil.
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    About 4-5 cycles is what I do to my hash oil when we run up against this issue.
    Makes it into a total knockout sleeper grade oil that will knock even me flat.
    A tiny stainless steel dish like this cat food dish was the final piece as it goes from oven to freezer and back with no fear of shattering.
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  13. Can I do that with the Thc oil even if it’s already mixed with grape seed oil as a carrier? Thanks

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  14. So I been having some luck vaping Hindu Kush before bed. I have been doing enough before bed that I feel very medicated, but I can’t seem to calm down and then an hour later I’m still wide awake. So I get up and vape more of it and then I’m out in 10 mins for the night. Am I doing it wrong that I have to do more an hour later? I feel like I’m doing a lot initially but maybe not quite enough? Any thoughts? Thanks

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  15. Yes that is how I do it. Just alternate low heat and freeze a few times and see if that changes it enough for you.
  16. When you vape right before bed, even though you feel heavy and medicated, parts of your brain are being stimulated, even with an indica dominant strain. Try it about 1-2 hours before bed, so that you're going to sleep on the come-down from the effects of THC, rather than on the upslope of the high.
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  17. Thanks for the reply. That’s very helpful. Thanks

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  18. Cannabis can help you fall asleep initially and maybe stay asleep longer but it does interfere with very deep (REM) sleep. Humans need a fair amount of REM sleep, possibly to counteract the effects of humans sleeping less than other mammals. If you aren't getting high quality, deep sleep then that might be a factor, especially if you are still falling asleep quickly.

    Tolerance might be an issue, too, if you are having to use more in order to fall or stay asleep. Often times with medications, including cannabis, the dose needed to be effective increases over time as the body builds a tolerance to it and the desired effect is lessened. Unfortunately many of the side effects also increase in frequency and intensity when you begin to use more in order to achieve the desired beneficial result.

    As others have said, you can experiment with different strains to see which one works best for you and then try to stick with the same strain, and ideally the same grower or even cloned line in order to remain consistent. As always, I also recommend that you keep your doctors and pharmacists in the loop about what other herbal, OTC, or illicit drugs you use. They will keep the information confidential and can use the information to help guide their treatment decisions.

    A few resources:
    Article from about the known effects of different types of cannabis and about REM sleep

    Sleep Hygiene Tips, Non-Drug Measures to Help You Sleep Better
    Twelve Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep | Healthy Sleep

    Good luck!
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