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Insomnia treatment?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Minggut, Jan 16, 2010.

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    So yeah, a while back I had infrequent insomnia caused by stress at work, but whenever I blazed it cleared up and I had a sound nights sleep... Is there a documented case of marijuana being prescribed for medically proven insomnia...?
  2. im pretty sure some states (california?), it's pretty common for MJ to be prescribed for insomnia.

    got nothing to lose man, go for it. weed lets you sleep on the fluffy clouds :smoke:
  3. Damn straight man... but there's no MJ in England that's that lenient, they only prescribe for high-end afflictions, schitzophrenia etc. Additionally, I'm not sure what kind of citizenship/visa status you need to be eligible for healthcare in the US, so if it comes back I may be screwed lol.

  4. It's not considered cheating the system really. It's just easy to get a card in Cali.
  5. What if you're one of the no-good dirty british?

    Because I fucking hate insomnia. And am moving to America in like... a year.
  6. but cant you buy seeds and all the growing shit you need legally in the U.K?
  7. I'm pretty sure all you need is proof of residence and a real, existing, qualifying condition (insomnia is a qualifying condition in California; not sure about other states).
    How long are you planning on being here?

    Also, would you mind taking that "easy to cheat the system" bit out of your original post? Stuff like that really makes us look bad ;)
  8. #8 Minggut, Jan 17, 2010
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    Well if you're serious XD... then sure!

    I'm gonna be in the US for my gap year before university doing menial work.

    And if I started growing any it would be conspicuous. I don't mind giving money to suspicious characters in exchange for little bags of green goodness, but growing it would attract attention from my landlord (And require effort...)

    Anyway, I haven't suffered from insomnia in like 6-8 months, so I don't really need a regular daily supply which growing would provide. I usually just toke about 2-4 times a week.

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