Insomnia, frustrated

Discussion in 'General' started by Bananarama, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. I have had bad insomnia my whole life. I have been using weed to help out, but weed starts making me question the purpose of life, and I also start "depersonalizing" and seeing the world in the 2nd person, and I realize that I dont like the person I am. This has ruined my motivation.

    Today I went to see a doctor, and just gave me worthless advice.

    I plan on going to my school health center when the quarter restarts and asking them for a prescription, but IDK what I can expect?
  2. for a emotional issue, its alot harder to find a doc who will work with you and help you out
    as vs lets say
    if you broke your arm, the doc can give you pain medicine and fix your arm

    i wouldnt expect the school doc to help you
    in fact try and seperate your school from your doctor, try a non school related doc

    i wouldnt trust the school dealig with any medical issues

    also most school docs/nurses deal with colds, broken limbs and cuts
    not mental issues

    also if your in school your probaly still young and still growing
    your probaly starting to see the world it really is and your starting to see that its a shitty place we live in

    do you think a doctor putting a label on whatever your issue is, is going to change what is really going on?

    try figering out what exactly you dont like about yourself and work on it
    dont take a drug that is only going to balance out you and numb you to reality
  3. You gotta find peacde within yourself man.
    That's the first step.

    If you'd care, i'd reply to you in messages. Anyways, stay up blade :smoke:
  4. You ever tried melatonin?

    I have sleep issues too, but my main problem is just maintaining an actual sleep schedule. Once you get a solid sleep schedule down, your body will do the rest, and that's where melatonin helped me a lot.

    I can take like half a milligram of it and be falling asleep at the computer 45 minutes later. The most important part is just being able to fall asleep, and then trying to do that at the same time every night so that your body can get adjusted.
  5. You gotta stay fuckin positive my dude

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